Onell Designs Glyos EMD Rig Runner

If you’re still a stranger to the world of the Glyos System, then I hope this look at the Glyos EMD Rig Runner gives you a nudge in the right direction to check these things out.

I’ve done several looks into the Glyos toys in the past here, here, here  & Sandman21xxi’s recent look here. Today we take a look at a few items from the latest “Block” release including the EMD Rig Runner, Glyan – Operator Cane & Crayboth Kavirvu.



Like all glyos toys, once you start taking things apart and rearranging them, the fun REALLY begins…



A few configurations of the Rig Runner with rearranged parts.



And of course if you own any other of the Glyos Vinyl releases such as the Rig Wing or Armodoc, you can get really creative…



After messing with the sets for a bit, I ended up with this configuration being my favorite. However as usual, I will probably eventually change it up someday, as these are too much fun to leave alone for too long.



If at this point you STILL dont own any Glyos but are still reading this, do yourself a favor and head over to or and grab a few sets, you wont regret it!