Pre-Order the Regular Edition Outer Space Men Starting 10/1

Judging by how all the variants leading up to the regular release of the Outer Space Men have been selling out, it looks like the Four Horsemen have a retro chic hit on their hands. These production samples look really nice. I haven’t yet taken the plunge into these figures or the Glyos figures from Onell Design, but Talyn’s recent review of the Glyos figures is piquing my interest.

We’ll see if I still have my Glyos cherry after New York Comic Con.

That’s right! The time has come! The regular edition Outer Space Men figures are in production now and are expected to arrive at Four Horsemen Studios in less than a month!

All four figures will go up for pre-order exclusively through Store Horsemen this Friday, October 1st at 9:00pm EST and will be available as two sets of pairs, or as a complete set of all four.

Wave 1 consists of Astro-Nautilus: The Man from Neptune and Metamorpho: The Man from Alpha Centauri. Each figure comes on his own blister card the pair will be $22.00, plus shipping & handling.

Wave 2 will be Inferno: The Flame Man of Mercury and Xodiac: The Man from Saturn. Each figure comes on his own blister card the pair will be $22.00, plus shipping & handling.

Or get a special discount if you buy all four OSM figures as a set! You’ll get Astro-Nautilus, Metamorpho, Xodiac and Inferno all on their own blister cards for only $40.00, plus shipping & handling!

By the way, the photos below? Those are no longer paint-master shots you’re looking at! Those are ACTUAL PRODUCTION SHOTS of the regular edition Outer Space Men!!

The factory has done a SPECTACULAR job on every Outer Space Men wave they’ve done for us so far, and the regular edition waves are no exception! We’d like to publicly thank the guy that runs the show at the factory –Paul Wai, all of his hard working artistic crew over there, and especially Matt & Jesse and everyone else over at Onell Design! Without them, this new OSM line would still only be a dream.


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