New York Comic Con 2010 – DC Direct

Batman Incorporated 01 (1198x1200).jpg

If anyone is concerned about DC Direct after the DC “bi-coastal realignment strategy” announcement, they’re still in the business of making action figures. There was quite a bit of new figures to be seen, including Batman Incorporated (above), new Brightest Day figures, Justice League Classic Icons, and more.

Batman Incorporated

Batman Incorporated 03 (900x1200).jpgBatman Incorporated 07 (901x1200).jpgBatman Incorporated 09 (902x1200).jpgBatman Incorporated 02 (1199x1200).jpgBatman Incorporated 06 (902x1200).jpgBatman Incorporated 08 (899x1200).jpgBatman Incorporated 04 (901x1200).jpgBatman Incorporated 10 (900x1200).jpgBatman Incorporated 05 (899x1200).jpgBatman Incorporated 11 (901x1200).jpg

I love what Grant Morrison’s done with Batman. I was skeptical at first about giving Bats a son, but Damian has grown to be one of my favorite characters in the Batman family. Knight looks fantastic, and I am totally psyched for a Chief Man-of-Bats figure.

Blackest Night

NYCC White Lantern Hal Jordan 1 (900x1200).jpgNYCC White Lantern Hal Jordan 2 (897x1200).jpgNYCC White Lantern Hal Jordan 3 (899x1200).jpgBlackest Night Light-Up Power Rings (1197x1200).jpgBlackest Night 1 (1200x900).jpgBlackest Night 2 (1200x900).jpg

I was presented with the opportunity to get a White Lantern Hal Jordan from the Blackest Night series, a con exclusive figure limited to 3,000 pieces, so he’ll join the White Lantern Sinestro and Black Lantern Hal Jordan from Wonder Con. I also picked up a few of the light-up power rings. These all got shipped home, so it’ll be a few more days before I open one up to try it on.

And of course, we are still expecting Blackest Night figures to be delivered in the coming months before rolling into Brightest Day – I wonder how these will be affected if the rumored line up for DC Universe Classics wave 17 comes to fruition.

Brightest Day

Brightest Day 01 (1200x1200).jpgBrightest Day 02 (1200x1200).jpgBrightest Day 03 (898x1200).jpgBrightest Day 04 (902x1200).jpgBrightest Day 05 (900x1200).jpgBrightest Day 06 (900x1200).jpgBrightest Day 07 (900x1200).jpgBrightest Day 08 (901x1200).jpgBrightest Day 09 (902x1200).jpgBrightest Day 10 (901x1200).jpg

DC Direct showed series 3, which starts including White Lantern versions of Flash, Batman, and Jade.  And though I’m a little behind on Brightest Day, that’s the new Aqualad, right?

Justice League Classic Icons

Justice League Classic Icons 1 (901x1200).jpgJustice League Classic Icons 2 (899x1200).jpgJustice League Classic Icons 3 (900x1200).jpgJustice League Classic Icons 4 (903x1200).jpg

Does this mean that the History of the DC Universe line is kaput, and we’re back to as many repaints as we can muster?

Return of Bruce Wayne

Return of Bruce Wayne 2 (1200x1200).jpgReturn of Bruce Wayne 3 (901x1200).jpgReturn of Bruce Wayne 4 (900x1200).jpgReturn of Bruce Wayne 5 (899x1200).jpgReturn of Bruce Wayne 1 (1200x899).jpg

Pirate and Cave Bats are awesome.

Cover Girls Wonder Woman

DC Universe Cover Girls Wonder Woman 600 (900x1200).jpg

You may hate the costume redesign, but in three dimensions this statue makes it look really good.

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  1. That Wonder Woman statue really hammers home the idea, to me at least, that they used Smallville as the inspiration for her new look. I could totally see this costume working in live action.

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