CFP – Deadpool vs World War Robot Bramble

What’s Friday without another installment of

I considered pitting Deadpool against the Merc Bramble from the World War Robot line, but somehow the Euro Bramble, with his color scheme and big revolver seemed like a better match-up.

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And here’s a bonus picture for you. You can marvel at it, or just be jealous of the Wal-Marts in Fwoosher Xavion2004’s neighborhood.

4 thoughts on “CFP – Deadpool vs World War Robot Bramble”

  1. What Walmart was this pic taken from? That’s famous sculptor and creature designer Jim Kagel in the background.

  2. Deadpool – “You are the worst walking toilet with guns, I’ve ever tried to use number 24!”

    Euro Bramble – “010000100110010100100000011100110111010101110010011001
    01101001011011100110010100101110!!!” (Translation – “Error!!!”)

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