AFP Ask Matty Round-Up for 12/1/10

The crew from Mattel is back with another edition of Ask Matty. Our thanks to Toy Guru and the gang!

1) This may be a question for the Four Horsemen – what’s desired for the DC Universe Classics line for head size? Some of the early figures had heads on the smaller size, like Batman and Aquaman, while some of the more recent figures seem to have oversized heads, like Guy Gardner, Alan Scott, and OMAC. Is this an intentional move to make the heads bigger?

DCUC15 OMAC 023.jpg

Sometimes it is intentional, based on character; sometimes it is due to tooling issues. We do strive for consistency but it is not a perfect world and sometimes not everything comes out the way design wants. In some cases, like with the corrected height Sinestro coming to TRU next month, we try to fix things when we can!

2) We’re really excited to see the packaging (and the figures) for Green Lantern Classics. What is the inspiration for the design? Is it intended to tie in to what we see from a DC Universe perspective? How will it influence what’s to come with the packaging for the Green Lantern movie figures?

It is designed to be a “Green Lantern” version of the 2011 DCUC packaging which you will see with Wave 16!

3) What’s the reception been like for the Ghostbusters gift pack at Toys R Us? How does it bode for future Ghostbuster items at retail?

So far it is doing very well and we are looking at how we can anniversary this set in future years.

4) Have you considered moving to double-jointed elbows on your WWE Elite and Legends figures? Most figures would benefit from having extended range of motion there – for example, I can’t get Rick Rude into his Simply Ravishing pose, with his hands behind his head.

Yes, this is something we are looking into. Nothing to announce right now but we are looking into it.

5) Some characters in the Masters of the Universe have different looks in the mini-comics. For example, He-Man first appears with no harness, no wrist bracers, and barefoot. And Teela appears in an armored bikini. If you were to release these costume variants in the line, how would you go about naming them? For example, would you give them a modifier, like First Appearance He-Man or Captain Teela, or would you look at creating new characters for these representations?

We do have plans for some of these characters. Some will be released with modified names as you suggested, others might even be unique characters. You’ll just need to wait and see!

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