DC Universe Classics Green Lantern’s Light 5 Pack Quick Pics

I’ve been holding off on the DCUC Wal-Mart Exclusive Green Lantern’s Light set because I considered the $60 price tag a little high and I was only really interested in Guy Gardner and Tomar Tu (I know Mattel called him Tomar Re, but he’s Tu for me). Last Tuesday (Dec. 14th) my patience paid off when I did my daily check up on the listing for GLL on Wal-Mart’s online store and saw that the set was on sale for $44 with “Free Shipping to Home”. I figured that was a pretty good deal so I pulled the trigger. The order details said it would arrive by 12/21 but I got a nice surprise when Fed Ex delivered it on the 18th! Woot!

The only issue I had with this set was that Sinestro’s hips were stuck. A few minutes in the freezer stiffened them up and they cracked loose with very little effort.

I had already gotten a good deal on a Tomar Tu from an eBay seller a couple months ago, so I sold the Tomar from this set along with Jon and old Hal to a good friend the same day I got them. I was going to sell off Sinestro too but then I decided instead to upgrade my Abin Sur out of his cadet GL suit to a full fledged GL suit.

As with many other DCUC fans, the size of Guy’s head and the sculpt of his face didn’t click with me when I saw pics people were posting on Fwoosh but now that I have him in hand, I think he looks fine and the expression suits his character well. One thing I do wish is that the eyes weren’t oriented so that he is looking up. Too many DCUC figures are suffering from this now.

Along with sticking Abin’s noggin on the GL Sinestro body, I also swapped out the slimmer biceps that came on Guy for a larger pair from a DCUC 6 Black n’ Silver Superman. The original arms seemed too thin in comparison to how bulky the rest of Guy is.

Big Guns

Tomar Tu is just good Green Lantern fun. It would’ve been nice if along with sculpting the mask, the Horsemen could’ve closed his mouth but it’s not a deal breaker for me. Tomar is a cool looking figure and looks great with the other GLs on my shelf.

Tomar & Romat, it's not a palindrome!

My slow growing GL Corps

I’d say my acquisition of the Green Lantern’s Light set definitely goes down in the “Win” column, I got it for the right price, delivered to my home, was able to hook a friend up with the figures I didn’t want/need and my GL Corps is looking even better. Now I’m impatiently waiting for Amazon to ship out my Green Lantern Classics Wave 1 order so that I can add Kyle to the ranks!

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