Poll: Will You Buy DC Universe Classics Wave 17 – the Rainbow Lantern Series?

It was just about three months ago when we posted the rumors about DC Universe Classics wave 17. There were some pretty strong reactions to the announcement (including this controversial response by Cliff Francis), but what we didn’t hear were any denials by Mattel or the Four Horsemen. Yesterday, Mattel confirmed the lineup.

After the pics, scroll down for our poll on whether you’ll be picking these figures up.

The Blackest Night is here!

Well the rumors this time are true! Wave 17 for DCUC is coming soon and it is our first step into the Blackest Night!

While we do have more Blackest Night concepts in the wings, this wave should help whet fans appetite for all the colored Lantern goodness!

Wave 17 will consist of Orange Lantern Luthor, Yellow Lantern Scarecrow, White Lantern Hal Jordan (with Black Lantern Variant), Violet Lantern Wonder Woman, Blue Lantern Flash and Indigo Lantern Atom. Together they will create a Collect and Connect modern Anti-Monitor!

And to answer the inevitable question, we did look into Red Lantern Mera. The only way to do her right is with a 100% tool and for that cost we can do 4 other figures. So while she did not make the cut this time around, we do know fans want complete sets and we are committed to one day getting her out there!

For now, a very happy holidays from all of your friends at Mattycollector.com and we’ll see you all in the New Year. Wave 17 will be on sale in late Spring 2011!

12 thoughts on “Poll: Will You Buy DC Universe Classics Wave 17 – the Rainbow Lantern Series?”

  1. Not sure about these. I mean They all look good but I was hoping to get some new characters. Maybe these would have been better placed in the green lantern classic line rather than the DC classics? I still want a professor Zoom! It’s all good.

  2. I look at Scarecrow and he looks like Crap! Wonder Woman IS or WAS in set 15! Black and White Lantern Hal Jordan…Weren’t they supposed to be part of a Limited Figure ONLY available at this past Comic Con? Now this will make them worthless! Great Going Mattel and DC Universe! The only thing awesome thing I will say for this lot is the ANTI-MONITOR! Although I would rather him be twice as tall, 16+ inches would of been better! Shoot, of Marvel can have a 19″ Galactus, why can’t we get a 19″ Anti-Monitor? After the first of the year, Marvel and Mattel are coming out with several 16″ + figures and I feel that DC better pick up it’s game or they’ll be nothing but a scuff in the dirt!

  3. I will not buy them, only because like any set after series 7 I have never seen any of them at retail. And Matty Collector stoped carring them because they did not sell enough of them. I just have more money for Marvel figures.

  4. As with any figure wave, I’ll buy the ones I like… if I can justify the cost. Wonder Woman and the Hals are really appealing to me as custom fodder (I can think of a custom with that white Hal that would require virtually no painting on my part), but $17 is still pretty pricey for custom fodder.

  5. I’m a sucker for CnC figures. Any word on the size of Anti-Monitor? I’m guessing he’ll be at least as big as Atom Smasher or Trigon. I wonder why he’s not in his Sinestro Corp uniform.

  6. why not make the regular scarecrow instead? so i can complete my batman rogues gallery..or other characters from apokalips like granny goodness? this aint wave 17..this should be called green lantern classics wave 2!

  7. Not a great wave as far as choices. Cool C and C though. Of course I will buy, because I buy them all.

  8. I am not sure to want to obtain any of the characters chosen for this Wave, really he was hoping that Mattel should choose to extract figures of other collections to increase the variety of the line, not to continue tendencies.

  9. why these are not part of the Green Lantern series, i dont know. they should be. I love these but my problem is with the fact we are missing a lot of basic DC characters. where’s my Granny Goodness!

  10. Thank you mattel for finaly making a series of figures I could care less about, at first I loved how you only had to buy 5 figures @12.00 to get your baf or cnc or whatever, now there are 7 figs a series @15.00, but i was addicted, so thaks mattel for giving me a great oppurtunity to stop collecting your figures

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