DC Universe Classics Wave 14 Ultra-Humanite

And now to wrap up DC Universe Classics Wave 14 with pics of C&C figure, Ultra-Humanite!

I’m astounded by Ultra-Humanite’s amount of history in the DC Universe, in almost 40 years of reading comic books I’d never heard of him until I saw him in Justice League on Cartoon Network. I can’t believe he’s one of Superman’s first foes.

As for the figure, U-H is a beautifully sculpted, big brained, armor wearing, evil, albino ape! WIN! I’m mean really, what’s not to like about Ultra-Humanite? If there’s something the Horsemen excel at, it’s making cool, big, armored animals!

Is that a PDA or a Blackberry? Whichever it is, I think UH needs to upgrade to an iPhone!

Maybe you'll grow legs someday, Grodd.

If I had to pick something I don’t like about Ultra-Humanite, it’d be how he makes me wish Grodd had better legs and more articulation.

I may be a sophisticated, super genius, but I like my women a bit wild.
DC Universe Classics 14 Class Picture

So there it is, DC Universe Classics 14. Whew, I was able to finish before New Years and before my GLC 1 and DCUC 16 figures arrive!

Ultra-Humanite Gallery on AFP

DC Universe Classics 14 Gallery on AFP