DC Universe Classics Wave 14 Kamandi

DC Universe Classics Wave 14 Kamandi. For me, this is what this wave was all about and I still can’t believe he’s finally here. From the beginning of the DCUC line, I had hopes that Kamandi would appear in a wave, especially since it was Jack Kirby’s DC creations, Orion and Etrigan the Demon in DCUC 1 that hooked me on the line. In the back of my head I kept thinking, they made Orion, they gotta make Kamandi! Now 14 Waves (well I guess 16 by now) in, here he is, the Last Boy on Earth!

The Horsemen did a marvelous job rendering Kamandi in 3-D and even gave him some bad ass, gunslinger attitude in his facial expression. From the look in his eyes, I’d say that Kamandi looks like he’s related to Jonah Hex, instead of OMAC.

Why did Mattel write in OMAC’s¬†biography that he was Kamandi’s grandfather? Was that a retcon? ūüėē

It’s great that Kamandi came with 3 very Kirby-esque looking weapons but unfortunately they are on the¬†flimsy¬†side and he doesn’t hold them very well.

A weapon Kamandi does hold well and has that Kirby vibe is the handgun from the ML Black Widow/Winter Soldier 2 Pack.

Now we need some other characters from the Kamandi series so he won’t be so lonely! I’d love to see some army builders like Tigers and Gorillas as well as figures of Dr. Canus, Prince Tuftan and Ben Boxer. Until then…

I’ll just have to make do with a Jack Kirby – DC Creations shelf.

We’ll wind up DCUC 14 with Ultra-Humanite, next.

DCUC 14 Kamandi Gallery on AFP

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  1. Buzzy, where did you get the fireball from that you have in the Demon’s hand in the last pic? Great group shot!!

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