DC Universe Classics Wave 16 Riddler, Jonah Hex, and Robin

Time to put up some DC Universe Classics 16 pics! If you hadn’t heard or seen it yet, DCUC 16 is starting to hit retail stores now. I found my little set of 3 at Target last week.

Why only 3? Several reasons. For one, due to rising costs and shrinking shelf space, I need to be a bit more discriminating in my collecting and the Metal Men are getting cut, so no Mercury. When Creeper was first announced, I was excited about getting him but I don’t like how he turned out, way too skinny and gangly for my taste, so no Creeper. Golden Age Head Robin didn’t even enter the equation from the word go. The design for the C&C Bane was also not to my liking. I will be getting Azrael-Batman but he is coming from a friend in another town and I hope to find the All Star Reissue of Deathstroke or maybe Amazon will finally come through for me. I’ll do an article for both of those when I have ’em.

Now onto what I do have with less chatter and mo’ pics…


I wasn’t all that excited about this version of the Riddler at first but warmed up to him quickly once I started shooting these pics. The one thing that bothers me about him is the painted on belt buckle. I can’t believe Mattel couldn’t reuse a belt from another figure or just choose to leave it off. Other than that small detail, Riddler is just good old fashioned DCUC fun.

>> Click here to see more pics of the DCUC 16 Riddler in the AFP Gallery

Jonah Hex

I think Jonah Hex turned out amazing and, without a doubt, is my fave of DCUC 16. The only way Hex could be significantly better is if he had an ab crunch.

The Horsemen did a phenomenal job sculpting Hex’s details. I can tell someone from 4H Studios has a lotta love for this scarred n’ ragged bounty hunter.

Like OMAC, Starman and a few other recent DCUC figures, Hex has that “looking up” thing going on too. They need to stop that.

>> Click here to see more pics of the DCUC 16 Jonah Hex in the AFP Gallery


Ron thinks I’m crazy but Robin was a bit of a disappointment to me. The body, cape, pixie boots and even the double jointed legs are all great and they look like they should. The features that bug me are:

  • the head sculpt – IMHO it didn’t translate well from the 2-Up prototype to the production version or could be that mine is a bad cast
  • the head is a bit of a pin head and sits too low on the neck
  • IMHO biceps are too big and the double jointed elbow is ugly

I do love the way that Mattel and the Horsemen tried to make the ankles and booties nice and clean with no giant peg holes or breaks in the sculpt but the execution leaves a bit to be desired. The shaft of the ankle swivel peg is very thin (only 1/16th of an inch) so I would advise caution when opening and posing your Robin for the first time. If the swivel won’t move, don’t force it, you will snap it. Mattel should’ve had the factory beef up the diameter of that peg shaft a bit more before going into production on it.

Along with my aesthetic complaints, I had other issues with the figure:

  • right hand snapped off at the peg due to the new wrist swivel POA being too tight and the wrist peg being too thin
  • ankles would not work correctly due to excess plastic on the swivels and because of the thinness of the ankle pegs, I was really scared I was going to snap them when I was fixing them (I’ll post a quick article about that soon)
  • gummy hips due to excess paint in the swivel holes, needed a trip to the freezer to free that up

Once I got the ankles and hips working I loved all the poses I could get him into. Unfortunately the wrist had already broken by then so I didn’t shoot any pics of those poses.

I wish Robin could’ve just been “win” right out of the package but instead he’s become a project on my workbench. The upside is that Robin’s costume details are all spot on and look excellent. So once I get the arms and head the way I’d like them to be, I’ll have a very cool Robin.

>> Click here to see more pics of the DCUC 16 Robin in the AFP Gallery

7 thoughts on “DC Universe Classics Wave 16 Riddler, Jonah Hex, and Robin”

  1. personally,i would’ve left the robin and riddler on the shelf and got the mercury and creeper.to me the creeper should be gangly.he isn’t a bodybuilder like superman he’s more like nightcrawler.just my opinion.

  2. I ordered the whole Wave 16 and just opened them up this week.
    My Jonah Hex figure was missing his pistol holster. It was never put on his gunbelt from the factory. My favorite detail on Jonah is the tear/hole in his uniform on his chest, especially the way his uniform looks dirty in spots. They should re-issue him later on re-packaged with an articulated horse, like the pics posted DCUC.info. Maybe in the same style packaging as the DC Universe 2-packs.
    The Modern-headed Robin is the Robin we’ve been asking for at least 2 years now. When my brother & I were at the 2009 NYCC, Mattel’s Scott Nielick asked us what we’d like to see in this line. My brother didn’t hesitate a second and said “make a cool Robin”. I do agree that his biceps are way too big and limit the range of his double jointed elbows, but he’s a great looking figure. Robin is an incredibly fragile figure, especially his ankle joints. The added articulation is awesome on him, but be careful freeing his joints. After reading all the horror stories in forums, I was lucky enough to free him up without any casualties.
    I like how the Riddler figure’s sculpt captures the spirit of the character. The Creeper’s furry boot-tops restrict his legs when trying to put him in one of those signature Creeper poses. The red, fur, cape-thing on his back make him very top-heavy and difficult to get him to stand in certain poses.
    I built Bane and I think he’s also a good representation of the character. He’s the right height, scale-sized in comparison to the other figures in the line. I’m not crazy about the re-use of certain parts being used from other Collect-N-Connect figures like his Despero parts, though.
    All-in-all, this is one of my favorite overall DC Universe waves, so far !!

  3. Decent line. I got the Robin and Riddler and the All Star figs in this wave of Joker and black Batman. Since I leave mine in the package, I didn’t experience the problems others have with the brittle Robin and think it is one of the best figs in the last 3 or 4 waves. Nice to finally have a jumpsuit Riddler but would have liked to have had a different Joker sculpt for the All Star fig. Can we please get a regular issue Catwoman, Scarecrow and Two Face???

  4. Ha,Ha!! I wondered if you were gonna check out Buzzy’s review of this wave. How does it feel to be quoted on a website, BRO?!!!

  5. As soon as I read it I was like def Paul wrote this lol. I went to Target and ToyRus and they had nothing. Only the Green Lantern wave. I was looking to get the Riddler and of course Robin.

  6. Robin was a great figure. I didn’t realize how much I wanted him until I got him out of the package.
    I bought both Robins …and really like the Silver Age Robin, especially.
    Had some trouble with the ankle joint. Still, a great Robin.
    Nice sculpting.

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