Toy Fair 2011 – Funko Vinyl Figures – DC, Thor Movie, and More

Funko (1280x720).jpg

Yeah, I know – I’m still posting updates about Toy Fair, now a couple weekends past. I wish that toys were a full-time gig for me, but it’s just a hobby. And, in some cases, not a “break the bank” hobby. Case in point – these vinyl figures from Funko. These will run you between $6 and $10 most places.

They’ve got a boatload of DC figures and just added the Thor Movie license to their stable. On top of that, there’s a bunch of pop culture licenses in the mix too, with some 80s movie franchises and music figures too. Who wouldn’t want to rock and roll all night with these versions of Kiss?

Funko (1) (1280x721).jpgFunko (1280x720).jpgFunko (2) (1280x723).jpgFunko (3) (1280x722).jpgFunko (4) (1280x720).jpgFunko (5) (1280x719).jpgFunko (10) (1280x719).jpgFunko (6) (1280x720).jpgFunko (8) (1280x719).jpgFunko (9) (1280x720).jpg