Masters Of The Universe Classics Bow Quick Pics

Wow, we’re really behind on this one! Well here ya go, Mattel’s Masters Of The Universe Classics star figure for February 2011 and She-Ra’s “special friend”, Bow!

Mattel really knows how to change it up, in January we got Vikor, the toughest looking hombre of all MOTUC to date and in February we got Bow, delivered with a big, honking, Princess Of Power sticker slapped on his packaging. The poor guy just can’t catch a break. Yes, I know it’s because that’s the cartoon he was on, but damn…

Bow may look prissy, but he don’t wear a skirt!

Bow’s hinged wrists are great for slinging arrows with his horse headed bow…

Or jamming out on his Gibson Goldtop Equestrian Paul lyre!


It’s said he has a special Ace of Spades arrow with Hordak’s name on it!

Damn has he got some meat hooks! Looks like he could throttle a Shadow Beast with those mitts!

Bow is the quintessential tortured warrior/poet/bard and I heard he tore up the Etherian National Anthem when he played it at Whispering Woodstock.

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