CFP – DC Universe Classics JSA/JLA Indiscretions

What’s Friday without another installment of

Ron’s been a little swamped with a lot of non-toy work and it’s been too long since the last CFP, so I thought I’d pitch in and help out this week.

Submit your kooky caption for this picture in the “Leave a Reply” section below. No Free Stuff giveaway planned this time, but if you really impress us, maybe we can find something good to send your way!

15 thoughts on “CFP – DC Universe Classics JSA/JLA Indiscretions”

  1. Black Canary: “So, what does this stuff do for you anyway?”

    Hour Man: “Well, let’s just say there’s more than one reason I’m called “hour” man.”

  2. So Rex, you’re saying you figured out how to cross Miraclo with Viagra and now you wanna be known as 8 Hourman? Well I’ve got to see it to believe it!

  3. Black Canary: “…see your doctor if effects last more than four hours…” …what?
    Hourman: Pieter still won’t let me see him with problems anymore.

  4. I like Tony’s:

    Black Canary: “…see your doctor if effects last more than four hours…What?? Oh, Rex…!!”

  5. Dinah: “Does the sixty minute enhancement affect EVERYTHING you do?”

    Rex: “Actually, now that I’m retired it suits one specific task quite nicely.”

    Ollie: “Yeah, just ask Wendi. You know, his WIFE.”

  6. Black Canary: “‘Hourman’, huh? Well, you can’t be any worse than ‘Minute-man’ over there.”

  7. Hourman:”Hey, you’re lucky this batch came out right. Dr. Mid-Nite put an iron supplement in the last one and I pointed north for a week!”

    Green Arrow: “Now where did I put that Bea Arthur arrow……….”

  8. Black Canary: Does this REALLY last for an hour?

    Hourman: You know it, baby!

    Black Canary: Good, because his sidekick isn’t the only “Speedy” around here!

  9. Canary: I don’t care what your stupid timer says, there’s no way that was an hour!

  10. Canary: What’s this for?
    Hourman: It measures my “Hour Of Power”.
    Canary: Hmmm… With Green Arrow, it’s more like a “Minute To Win It”!
    Hourman: Ha!
    Canary: >tee-hee<
    Green Arrow: Whaa..??

  11. Black Canary: I thought you said your name was “Hourman”? This thing is an egg timer!!!

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