Mattel Reveals San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives –

Just like last year, Mattel revealed a few of their San Diego Comic-Con exclusives on Attack of the Show last night. Highlighted were:

  • Green Lantern Movie Kilowog – $30 – will be first available at SDCC
  • DC Universe Classics Swamp Thing featuring exoskeletal articulation (rubber skin over an articulated frame) – $30 – like Gleek and the Starro face-huggers, Swampy’s Un-Men will be exclusive to SDCC
  • Voltron 6-inch super-articulated – $30 – will come with both versions of his sword and packaging will feature a sound chip that plays the full Voltron opening theme
  • Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man with packaging diorama – $70 – this thing looks massive, maybe 18-inches tall

While they didn’t highlight any Masters of the Universe Classics items, keen-eyed observers may have spotted what looks like a space-suited Queen Marlena with interchangeable heads and dress, with a Cringer slug figure. Check that out at 37 seconds into the video.

All items will be available on after SDCC (minus the SDCC exclusive pack-ins), and Toy Guru has said there will again be a pre-order system this year. I hope they improve the disbursement of the pre-orders, because it was just as bad as waiting online in the regular booth.

We’ll get more info on these exclusives in the next Q&A – if you have questions you’d like us to ask, please leave us a comment below.

5 thoughts on “Mattel Reveals San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives –”

  1. I gotta say, my tiny plastic co-writers and I weren’t especially excited when we heard the initial news about the Swamp Thing release, but after seeing the video clip, we’re hooked! The exoskeleton is pretty sweet, but the addition of the Unmen is amazing. This is the kind of fan-friendly feature that we need to see more of and that will keep the collector base hanging around (despite all the other shenanigans that Mattel keeps pulling – price hikes, too few accessories, poor QC, etc). Now if we could just get John Constantine…

  2. Wouldn’t Swamp Thing’s articulation be endoskeletal? After all, the skeleton is on the inside. (And yes, I know that they called it exoskeletal in the clip.)

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