CFP – Green Lantern Classics: Dex-Starr Parties Too Hardy

What’s Friday without another installment of

Ron’s still sand baggin’ it so, once again, the heavy burden of providing the funny falls on my shoulders. 😛

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9 thoughts on “CFP – Green Lantern Classics: Dex-Starr Parties Too Hardy”

  1. Despotellis warned Dex-Starr to lay off the Cosmopolitans while B’Dg egged him on. Never listen to squirrels.

  2. “Dude! Put on some deoderant! Your fish-pits are making the cat barf blood!”

  3. Nautkeiloi: Glurp, Dude!
    Sodam Yat: Once you puke it out Dex, you aren’t supposed to suck it back up!
    B’dg: Doitagain! Doitagain! Doitagain!

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