Toy Fair 2011 – Square Enix

Square Enix 08.jpg

Considering that Square Enix had one of my favorite displays at Toy Fair, there’s really no excuse for these pics to have sat on my hard drive for this long. I must have just overlooked not posting them back in February. But today, I was thinking about how much I wished SOTA Toys was still making Street Fighter action figures when I remembered the awesomeness of the prototypes that Square Enix had on display for Street Fighter in their Play Arts Kai line. With their other licenses, including Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, and more, Square Enix has really come on strong in the video game segment for action figures.

Square Enix 01.jpgSquare Enix 02.jpgSquare Enix 03.jpgSquare Enix 04.jpgSquare Enix 05.jpgSquare Enix 06.jpgSquare Enix 07.jpgSquare Enix 09.jpgSquare Enix 10.jpgSquare Enix 11.jpgSquare Enix 12.jpgSquare Enix 13.jpgSquare Enix 14.jpgSquare Enix 15.jpgSquare Enix 16.jpgSquare Enix 17.jpgSquare Enix 18.jpgSquare Enix 19.jpgSquare Enix 20.jpgSquare Enix 21.jpgSquare Enix 22.jpgSquare Enix 23.jpgSquare Enix 24.jpg

I’m pretty sure that wraps it up for our Toy Fair coverage – but don’t be surprised if I come across some more pics from the show. 😀

2 thoughts on “Toy Fair 2011 – Square Enix”

  1. Neat! I had no idea about these. This company is getting very little coverage so thanks for the heads up!

    Any idea on scale of the Street Fighter figs? It’d be great if they were in scale w/ the SOTA toys, which I mostly love to death but the Chun-Li is terrible while this one looks really really nice.

  2. Ok square enix. I’m willing to check out and maybe buy your SF figures. Just don’t ruin the line like SOTA did. The last line they did with E-Honda killed it. They started off so strong. I hope u don’t make the same mistake Square

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