DC Universe Classics Wave 17 Rainbow Lanterns Available at Amazon.com

DC Universe Classics Wave 17, the Rainbow Lantern wave, is on sale now at Amazon – and I’m going to need your help. See, I’m a Prime customer, which means for many items I get free 2-day shipping and no sales tax. Since all of the wave 17 figures qualify and only the Black Lantern Hal Jordan is priced above normal, I’ve got a dilemma.

I was mixed on most of the wave when it was first rumored, and now I am still conflicted. Will I feel like I missed out on the Anti-Monitor Collect & Connect when these are long gone? And hey, the Orange Lantern Lex and the Sinestro Corps Scarecrow are both pretty cool. So, what do you think – buy the full wave, cherry pick, or skip it entirely?

7 thoughts on “DC Universe Classics Wave 17 Rainbow Lanterns Available at Amazon.com”

  1. Buy them all!!.. If not you will regret it once you realize you wanted it.. Do it!!
    As a DC Collector you need them 🙂

  2. Yeah go for it.
    Good for custom fodder.

    Good for some army building.

    And the big baddie to end all baddies.

    What’s not to love?

  3. Buy’em all!
    I did.

    You may wanna skip out on one of the Hals if you’re just looking to build the Anti-Monitor.

    Something that I don’t believe that is shown in promo pics, is that the Anti-Monitor has a cape. A cloth cape.

    I thought it was pretty cool.

  4. It’s a pretty good wave. There are definitely some gems in there. The Atom, Scarecrow, BL Hal and Lex really look amazing. Even the total repaint Flash has some of Mattel’s best paint apps.

    Unfortunately for me, all but 2 of my figures had stuck hip joints but I was able to get them all moving with absolutely no hip breaks!

  5. Be careful with Amazon, i preordered Green Lantern Classics Wave 1 and also DCU Classics Wave Bane BAF but they were never able to fulfill my order. Even though I was a prime member they still had no interest in helping me. I had to order them elsewhere eventually after waiting months, and watching the prices go up. Their only suggestion was “why dont you try one of our marketplace sellers” whose prices were at least 25% higher. They may have learned from this, but your never know.

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