Ask Matty Q&A Round-Up for 6/15

Our Ask Matty Q&A from last week had gotten lost in the mail, but Toy Guru and the Mattel team came through for us. Thanks much, guys and gals!

1) Great reveal for DC Universe Classics wave 19 at MTV Geek. When will you be revealing the variant(s) for the wave? We were hoping for a fin-headed Atom or a yellow-cowled Hawkman.

Similar to wave 5 and 14, there will not be variants in this particular wave. It doesn’t count these ideas out, they just won’t be in this wave.

2) Wave 19 is one where size does matter. We know S.T.R.I.P.E. will be nice and big due to the parts he shares with Stel. Can you tell us how big Atom will be compared to his fellow JSAers like Alan Scott? How about Stargirl compared to Mary Marvel or Wonder Girl?

The Atom is slightly shorter then a standard male (he has new legs and arms) and Stargirl is also slightly smaller to Mary.

3) You’ve told us in the past that DCUC would move back to non-themed assortments after wave 19. We’re wondering if you’ve seen any benefits to themed waves and if this is something that you’ll consider in the future. For example, any ideas for themed waves on the table for 2012?

Fans have not been overly enthusiastic about the themed waves so it is something we will move away from.

4) I think a lot of people are wondering how you could do a JSA-themed wave without including Jay Garrick, the JSA’s Flash. We’re not sure if or how Jay will be featured in the upcoming Flashpoint mini-series, but do you think there will be an opportunity to have him in the DCUC line-up in the next year? Some people are considering him the Martian Manhunter for DCUC’s JSA.

There is always one figure fans feel is lacking. Be it Martian Manhunter or Jay, eventually they all seem to make it out! Hang in there!

5) We haven’t forgotten about the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con exclusives. Can you tell us more about how the pre-ordering will work, and what you’re considering to make the pick-up lines move a little faster than last year?

We don’t have all the details locked down yet. Look for an announcement on our news page in the near future.

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2 thoughts on “Ask Matty Q&A Round-Up for 6/15”

  1. This seems like a GREAT wave to me.!!
    Love the JSA… HAWKMAN, THE ATOM, and SANDMAN are great!!
    (Wished we would have gotten the Simon and Kirby SANDMAN and SANDY…but you can’t always get what you want…when you want it.!!

    But Mattel is doing a wonderful job for a good cross-section of the fans.

    Thanks, Mattel!!

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