DC Universe Classics Wal-Mart Exclusive Crime Syndicate Of Amerika Quick Pics

I’ve been traveling a lot over the past two weeks and doing some hunting whenever possible. A couple of days ago, on the way back home from South Carolina, I pulled into a Wal-Mart in Georgia and came face to face with these evil crackers from a fudged up dimension! The problem is, at first glance, you can’t tell they’re evil! Not one of them has a goatee, which any old sci-fi fan knows is the obvious sign of an evil personality from an alternate dimension.

But I digress. So there they were and there was me, looking at them and Owlman looked so good and I caved in and bought ’em. Then Ron caught wind that I had ’em and said; “Get ’em up on AFP, ya slow, lazy bastard!” So here you are, loyal AFP reader, some DCUC CSA Quick Pics to whet your appetite. You’re very welcome. 😛

DCUC CSA 001.jpgDCUC CSA 002.jpg

Johnny Quick!

DCUC CSA-JQ 002.jpg

DCUC CSA-JQ 001.jpgDCUC CSA-JQ 003.jpgDCUC CSA-JQ 004.jpg

Power Ring

DCUC CSA-PR 002.jpg

DCUC CSA-PR 001.jpgDCUC CSA-PR 003.jpgDCUC CSA-PR 004.jpgDCUC CSA-PR 005.jpg


DCUC CSA-UM 005.jpg

DCUC CSA-UM 001.jpgDCUC CSA-UM 002.jpgDCUC CSA-UM 003.jpgDCUC CSA-UM 004.jpg

Unfortunately my set had the Ultraman with the blue neck and not the correct flesh paint. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers and I have paint.


DCUC CSA-SW 002.jpg

DCUC CSA-SW 003.jpgDCUC CSA-SW 004.jpgDCUC CSA-SW 001.jpg

One little cloud attached to my silver-lining for this set is that Superwoman’s right shoulder is stuck. The evil kind of stuck that says; “This peg will snap if you force this.” So her right arm is perpetually stuck at half mast. Maybe someone from Mattel will read this and throw me a bone? Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

What makes the situation even worse is that Superwoman is one of my favorites of the set. Especially when I found out that evil Lois has the best working hip and torso articulation of any DCUC female to date. Just look at the pics below!

DCUC CSA-SW 005.jpgDCUC CSA-SW 006.jpg


DCUC CSA-OM 001.jpg

DCUC CSA-OM 003.jpgDCUC CSA-OM 005.jpgDCUC CSA-OM 004.jpgDCUC CSA-OM 002.jpg

Without a doubt, Owlman is the star of the set. He is total badness. Even if he did wear an owl on his head back in the day.

DCUC CSA-OM 007.jpg

DCUC CSA-OM 008.jpg

DCUC CSA 004.jpg

The CSA sets are hitting Wal-Marts now so get on out there and hunt them down! And if you don’t want your Superwoman, let me know, I could use one with a functioning right shoulder.

Happy hunting!

16 thoughts on “DC Universe Classics Wal-Mart Exclusive Crime Syndicate Of Amerika Quick Pics”

  1. What an excellent set!
    3rd times the charm, right? I mean, those fisrt 2 5-packs weren’t worth the package they came in. But yes, 5 new characters that go together is a slam dunk. Sale. How hard was that to figure out??

  2. Dude, take a hair dryer to your Super Woman’s right shoulder and I practically guarantee it will become unstuck. Turn on the dryer and hold it about 3 to 4 inches away and move it back and forth slightly for about a minute or so until the plastic softens up a bit. Then while it’s still nice and warm move the joint (it should now move easily). 99.9% of the time this will work like magic. Keep moving it around for a couple of seconds and then let it cool. It should be fine after that. Do it, and let us know if it worked.

  3. A GREAT Set of villains from Mattel…(and the 4Horsemen)!!
    I was more than happy to pick this “baby” up!!
    Sure, I got the “corrected” Ultraman…but they are great to have.
    Thanks to everyone involved in their creation.

    (Remember Matty, …about that subscription stuff…you can always “fudge” the numbers.)

  4. Nice pictures. I just wish you had taken a close up of Power Ring’s ring, I’d love to see what that looks like up close. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the 4HM do a great job with these figures, but Mattel prices them way higher than what I would be willing to pay. This is a great looking set, and I’d consider picking it up if it was priced better. A couple of sets like this and you could have a brand new game system! At least throw in some accessories to make it look like you are trying, lol.

  5. AWESOME!!!

    My main/major want is OWLMAN and maybe Ultraman. The price on e-bay are so high for this set.

  6. “Dude, take a hair dryer to your Super Woman’s right shoulder and I practically guarantee it will become unstuck. Turn on the dryer and hold it about 3 to 4 inches away and move it back and forth slightly for about a minute or so until the plastic softens up a bit.”

    I’m thinking it’s the swivel peg that’s stuck — if so, those are hard plastic pieces that won’t soften with heat. Freezer trick might work. (But Buzzy’s a super customizer, so I’m guessing he’s considered those options and deemed them unfeasible for some reason.)

    What I’d do? Call Mattel. I’m not sure what they’d do given that it’s one bum figure out of a (really expensive) 5-figure set, but they did send me a voucher for a free figure when I got a Silver Banshee with two left shins and didn’t notice it in time to get a replacement from the store.

  7. Or try to find another set in stores, swap out Superwoman and blue neck Ultraman and bring it back. Walmart has a pretty good return policy.

  8. I do appreciate the suggestions guys but, being a customizer, I couldn’t resist cracking her open to see what was wrong. turns out the inner brace that the shoulder pegs butt up against to stabilize was made a little on the big side and must have still been warm and soft when it was assembled because the head of the shoulder peg made an indentation in the inner brace and, when the brace cooled and hardened, the peg was locked into place. no amount of freezing or heating would have helped and if I forced it, I would’ve snapped the peg.

    see pics here > https://www.actionfigurepics.com/v/buzzyfret/customs/mods/csa-superwoman-shoulder

    unfortunately exchanging it isn’t an option for me as none of the Wallys in my town are stocking any DCUC. 🙁

  9. I just found this set packed with superman, batman, and john stewert instead of their respective evil characters. Has this happened to anyone else?

  10. May be ostracized, but I dig the blue necked UM. I’d rather mine had that than the flesh one. Great review though.

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