Masters of the Universe Classics Granamyr Box Art Sneak Peek

Club Eternia subscribers were treated to a sneak peek of the box art for Granamyr the Wise, of the Eternian Dragons of Darksmoke. Granymyr made several appearances in the original Masters of the Universe cartoon.

I was blown away by the sheer massiveness of Granymyr at San Diego Comic-Con. I wondered at the time if those little chicken legs would be able to support his weight if you tried to pose him standing up instead of sitting – this confirms that sadly, they won’t. I’m thinking that could be remedied using some of the flight stands that had been available through MattyCollector some time back – they’re pretty sturdy, and could be strategically placed under Granymyr’s posterior.

Rudy Obrero returns as the artist for the box art – as many know, he did a lot of the artwork for the original Masters toy line, including Castle Grayskull and the vehicles, and he returned to Classics for the Wind Raider box art. I did not know that Rudy also worked on the Club Eternia exclusive maps: Eternia, Etheria, and Preternia – click for the AFP map viewers for each.

Fans of Rudy’s art – be sure to check out the fan project he is working on with Joe Amaro for a Manta Raider vehicle.

3 thoughts on “Masters of the Universe Classics Granamyr Box Art Sneak Peek”

  1. Looking good! Looks like the classic painting of Smaug from the Hobbit by the Brothers Hildenbrandt. Yeah, I think red was the right choice for Grany.

    On a side note, the map viewers don’t seem to work. Shame, considering they are the only hi-res copies of the map on the web I’ve seen.

  2. not sure what caused the old viewers to stop working, but I added a new image zoom utility and the map viewers should be working again. thanks again for letting me know they were busted.

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