SDCC 2012: Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Preview Night

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Mattel didn’t have a whole lot out for Masters of the Universe Classics on Preview Night – there were a few empty shelves reserved for after their MattyPalooza panel on Friday – but what they did show was kind of mind-blowing.

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MOTUC (956x1280).jpgMOTUC (1) (1280x1280).jpgMOTUC (2) (1280x1279).jpgMOTUC (3) (1280x1279).jpgMOTUC (21) (1280x1280).jpg

If you were worried about Mattel using Draego Man’s wings on Granymyr, I don’t think you’ll even notice. But that does help put the massive size of this beast in perspective. He is ginormous. I wonder if those legs will actually support his weight.

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The big MOTUC display had a couple new guys in it – Mekaneck and Dragon Blaster Skeletor had been teased in the Matty emails. Unfortunately, the rumored baby Draego-Man had fallen behind Skeletor – maybe they’ll have that fixed today.

MOTUC (12) (1278x1280).jpgMOTUC (18) (1280x1280).jpgMOTUC (17) (1279x1280).jpgMOTUC (13) (1280x1280).jpgMOTUC (14) (943x1260).jpgMOTUC (15) (1280x1280).jpgMOTUC (16) (957x1280).jpgMOTUC (19) (1280x1280).jpg

If you were hoping for another accessories pack, you’ve got one on the way. Ii didn’t get a chance to look closely at the contents, but Keldor’s swords look great.

Gotta head back to the show. Am late already!

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  1. Thanks for the pics, after the rotocast Tytus/Megator I was worried that Granamyr would disappoint. But he looks pretty amazing.

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