It’s Official – Masters of the Universe Classics Club Eternia and DC Universe Classics Club Infinite Earths are a Go

Toy Guru delivered the news via YouTube – both the MOTUC Club Eternia and DCUC Club Infinite Earths are moving forward. Given the doom and gloom from the past few weeks, I was surprised that both got enough subs to get the green light. And while DC squeaked by, Masters got a last minute push so strong that the sub hit 135% of its target – Toy Guru promises that at this level there’s even more goodness in store for MOTUC in 2013.

He also announced Geldor as the winner of the fan vote. Apparently, the Franz-Josef and mohawk combo was just enough to get him past Illumina, by a scant 27 votes.

Credit: for the Geldor mini-comic pics

3 thoughts on “It’s Official – Masters of the Universe Classics Club Eternia and DC Universe Classics Club Infinite Earths are a Go”

  1. I have been collecting Masters figures for the past few years, but I only buy updated figures that I had as a kid. So, I’m not interested in new characters or NA figures…although I did buy Draego-Man. Therefore, it doesn’t pay for me to buy a Club Eternia Sub. I know it’s considered “Cherry Picking”, but a full Sub is not for me. Dealing with trying to order certain Masters figures, outside of my DC Infinite Earths sub, on Mattycollector’s sale day is just nerve-wracking. Between trying to get logged-in just before NOON, the “White Screen of Death”, and quick figure sell-outs…I’ve kind of had ENOUGH. Along with not having enough space in my house to keep collecting and the credit card bill at the end of each month.
    Now, we’re going to have to deal with lower numbers of figures for day of sale. Hopefully, I’ll still be able buy the figures I’m looking for. Don’t get me wrong, I want my Ram-Man just like every other Masters collector. I think 2013 is going to be the last year I can do this, anymore. Only time will tell!!

  2. I don’t really understand how Geldor won. Did people confuse him with Eldor, the unmade prototype shown next to the original He-Ro prototype? Were they confusing him with Gwildor, the little troll from the movie? I don’t get it. I continue to wish for Illumina (and will probably always wonder if they fixed the results to make the easiest thing possible), but I would just think that anyone other than Geldor should have won.

    It’s like insult to injury. “Yay! We got all your money! And now you get Geldor, and if you don’t like it, tough! We have all the power!”

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