SDCC 2012: Toynami Street Fighter Hello Kitty Mashup Plush Exclusive

Chun Li - Square Enix, Toynami, SOTA

Yes, I took a picture of Hello Kitty for AFP. But this isn’t just any Hello Kitty – it’s Chun Li from Street Fighter in her Alpha costume, and she’s flanked by the most awesome Chun Li action figures ever made – by Square Enix and SOTA. Surely that buys me back some of my gangsta street cred, right? 🙂

Truth be told, while we had no inkling this Chun Li would be a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive from Toynami, when my wife and I came across the Toynami booth looking for Skelanimals (they have some DC Universe vinyls coming out soon) she walked away wanting this Hello Kitty / Chun Li plush in a big way. It was a big item for Toynami, and by the time we had gotten there they had already sold out. My wife picked up one on eBay for relatively cheap – in the frenzy after the show they were going for as high as $199 plus shipping. Nuts, right?

Toynami’s Hello Kitty x Street Fighter page promises mini-figures and more plush to come soon. I hope they’re not all Hello Kitty, because Badtz-Maru as Ryu, or Badtz-Ryu, as Sanrio calls him, would be totally kick-ass. Ok, maybe I know a little more about Hello Kitty than any grown man should…