Weekend Toy Run: Jenna Jameson Jiggler for $1 at Entertainment Earth

It’s not technically the weekend yet, but some deals are too fun(ny) to pass up. Today’s Entertainment Earth daily deal is for Plastic Fantasy’s Jenna Jameson Jiggler – alliteration rules! For those of you who can’t remember too far back, Plastic Fantasy was a sister company of SOTA Toys back when Jerry Macaluso was the owner. They had a line of Adult Superstar action figures that featured removable clothing, just like the Jenna Jiggler’s top. Sadly, all that remains of that line (at least at EE) is the Jenna Jiggler – and you can get one for just $1, today only.

This item has features and themes that are for adults only. Ages 18 and up. Recommended for mature collectors.

  • What’s shakin’, Jenna?
  • The Jenna Jameson you know and love can bobble.
  • Features a removable top!

You’ve seen a bobble head, but what if a figure bobbled at the waist? Well, here you go! The Jenna Jameson Dashboard Jiggler is an innovative bobble head that bobbles at the waist, creating the effect of Jenna shakin’ her thang just for you! She stands 4-inches tall. Features a removable top.

How can you resist a product with a description like that? The image on the EE site wasn’t too great, so I pulled someĀ from an eBay auction for the Jenna Jiggler that sold for $22.99. I guess when you gotta have it, you go get it. If only that guy could have waited a couple of weeks… Happy shopping!

Marvel Select The Wolverine – Write Your Own Story by ActionFiguresRule

A few weeks ago, our good friend Richard, aka ActionFiguresRule, from the MATRIX Photo Booth and AFR Studio sent me some quick pics for the Marvel Select Wolverine from Diamond Select Toys. He promised some follow-up pictures in more of a story format. And he sent them a little while back, and in all my glorious laziness I only got them posted today (sorry Richard!)

The cool thing is that he’s provided all the pictures for a great story, but left it up to you to fill in the rest. Have a great plot, or dialogue, or the whole deal? Leave it in the comments below. Have fun!

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SDCC 2012: Toynami Street Fighter Hello Kitty Mashup Plush Exclusive

Chun Li - Square Enix, Toynami, SOTA

Yes, I took a picture of Hello Kitty for AFP. But this isn’t just any Hello Kitty – it’s Chun Li from Street Fighter in her Alpha costume, and she’s flanked by the most awesome Chun Li action figures ever made – by Square Enix and SOTA. Surely that buys me back some of my gangsta street cred, right? šŸ™‚

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Square Enix Play Arts Kai and SOTA Street Fighter Pics

Square Enix Street Fighter

I really do love the Square Enix Play Arts Kai Street Fighter figures. They’ve got great sculpts and paint, and the articulation scheme really gives you some awesome poseability. As I was fiddling with the four that have come out, Chun Li, Akuma, Ryu, and Cammy, I was reminded how much I loved the SOTA Street Fighter figures, and how many of those came out during its all too short toy lifespan. Even though their scales don’t match, I wanted a shot of them together, so I put this together, showing off the newcomers from Square Enix in the foreground, with the SOTA line as the backdrop.

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SOTA “Lightning Blanka” Auction to Support Haiti is Now Live

The SOTA auction for the one of a kind Lightning Blanka statue is now live. All profits from the auction will benefit victims of the earthquake in Haiti, via the Red Cross. The auction ends February 4 at 9AM PT. Ā Bid now!

Street Fighter ‘Lightning Blanka’ resin statue PROTOTYPE auction for Haiti Relief effort!!

In lieu of the terrible events in Haiti, SOTA Toys has decided to auction off a prototype statue (no reserve!), with ALL profits to be donated to the Red Cross relief effort. This one-off piece, affectionately known as “Lightning Blanka,” is a clear resin statue tinted in blue with lightning arcs painted over the body depicting the character Blanka from the renowned video game series Street Fighter, made by CAPCOM.

It features the same pose as the statue SOTA Toys manufactured and released in 2007, however this particular piece is a concept prototype that was produced but has never gone into production. And after this auction, it never will. As a part of this auction, the winner will receive a certificate of authenticity as well as free shipping to anywhere he or she desires.

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