MattyCollector Doubles Up on Masters of the Universe and DC Universe Classics on 10/15 – Don’t Miss Poison Ivy!

It’s a big sales day today at Matty as our friend, Logistics, has us doubling up on both Masters of the Universe Classics and DC Universe Classics. On the Club Eternia front, you’ve got both Rattlor and Frosta for sub figures, and the Cuisinart-inspired Cy-Chop if you signed up for the 30th Anniversary sub. From Club Infinite Earths it’s Poison Ivy and Elasti-Girl, plus the DC All-Stars with Red Robin and Superboy Prime on Matty for the first time.

For convenience, here’s the bundle page for 10/15. Good shopping!

10/15 Sale Reminder: Poison Ivy, Frosta™, Cy-Chop™, Voltron™ & More

Toy Fans,

Here’s your reminder for our massive sale happening on Monday, October 15th  Be here at 9 a.m. PT and here’s what we’ll have for you:

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