MattyCollector Cyber Monday Flash Sale Features Masters of the Universe Classics Evil-Lyn and Free Shipping

The first of Matty’s Flash Sales are on, and it’s none other than the classic MOTUC (is that redundant?) Evil-Lyn. When the sale page first went up, not everything on the Black Friday / Cyber Monday bundle page was discounted – now all items have sale prices, with the exception of the Temple of Darkness Sorceress. I placed an order this morning, and also got an additional shipping discount that was oddly a penny more than the shipping cost.

Oddly, I couldn’t get the total I calculated to match what Digital River quoted me – but their total was less than mine, so what me worry? Happy shopping!

“Better Than Black Friday” Sale

Sale Starts: 11/21/12 9:00 a.m. PT
Sale Ends: 11/27/12 9:00 a.m. PT

This is it… our “Better than Black Friday” sale! Here’s your chance to snag special offers, surprise items, and great deals, some at up to 30% off. The sale starts on the Wednesday morning before Black Friday and continues for six days, ending at 9:00 a.m. PT on Tuesday morning, November 27th. Be sure you check in often on Monday November 26th because flash sales and special pricing will come and go* and you never know what you might find!

*Please Note: Mattel reserves the right to change the sale price at any time and all sales are final.

via Online Store – Create Your Bundle.