Toy Fair 2013: Square Enix Play Arts Kai

I am getting around to posting pics in the backlog from Toy Fair. My tag team partner from Fwoosh, Hagop, did such a great job with coverage that the pressure was off to get things posted – but I realized that I had more stuff in the backlog than I actually posted.

Here’s a look at the Play Arts Kai offerings from Square Enix. The 8-inch scale is a bit of an anomaly for the rest of my collection, but between the quality of sculpt and articulation scheme I put the Play Arts Kai Street Fighters on my Best of 2012 list. They’re continuing the line with more Street Fighter 4 figures – just not fast enough for my liking.

Square Enix’s DC offerings have also been pretty appealing to me. I’ve really enjoyed their Arkham Asylum / Arkham City offerings, and with Poison Ivy and an Arkham City Harley on the way, there’s a couple more I’ll need to pick up. The Dark Knight Trilogy figures that we saw in unpainted form before showed up with painted prototypes. I thought between Mattel’s Movie Masters and Hot Toys’ 1/6 offerings I was done with the Dark Knight, but these look pretty tempting.

The only eyebrow raising DC stuff they showed was their alternate takes of popular characters. I missed pics of some of the unpainted stuff, but the shots of the ones I did get were a little too stylized for me – a cherry-picking line for me at best.

Of course, Square Enix has a lock on a lot of the video game licenses that grew out of their own games. I’m more of a comic book guy than a video game guy, but I still might pick up some Halo figures even though I haven’t touched a Halo game in years.

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