BigBadToyStore to Close Out DC Universe Exclusives

Here’s an interesting tidbit from BBTS – they are closing out some DC exclusives, including the DC Universe Classics Swamp Thing, which was Mattel’s San Diego Comic-Con DC exclusive in 2011. And get this – Swamp Thing is listed at BBTS for pre-order at $15.99, while he was $30 when sold at the show and later on Of course, don’t expect the Un-Men with him, as they were an exclusive pack-in for the figures sold at SDCC.

I haven’t seen any news on this from Mattel or from any other retailers (granted I didn’t look that hard so let me know if I missed something), so at this point I’m assuming this is a BigBadToyStore deal direct with Mattel to clear out the warehouse of these DC items.


Mattel is releasing a number of items at closeout prices. These include the JLU Three-Pack – Toyman, Firefly, Dr. Destiny at $21.99, the JLU Three-Pack – Vandal Savage, Batman, Future Superman at $11.99, the Justice League Unlimited 7-Pack with Gypsy, Dr. Mid-Night and more at $17.99, the DC Universe Swamp Thing at $15.99, the Retro Action DC Super Heroes Sinestro at $9.99 and the JLU Justice Guild Four-Pack at $13.99.