If You Like Superhero Movies, Check Out This Movie Poster Sale at Tanga

Tanga is calling this a “Framed Superhero Movie Poster Liquidation” but that’s underselling the cool factor. They’re over half off retail price, and they are framed and ready to hang – no more push pins and ruined posters for you. With the non-glare plexiglass, these will be a respectable addition to your man-cave that even your significant other can’t complain about – not legitimately, anyways.

And best of all, the sale is agnostic to Marvel (Spider-Man, Iron Man, Avengers, Thor, Hulk, Wolverine, and the Fantastic Four) and DC (Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern) and even includes posters from classic movies like Flash Gordon.

With a custom frame built just for your new poster, ready to hang, complete any movie room, office, or bedroom with these classic and timeless posters! Using a special non glare Plexiglass, your poster will look its best from any angle even in highly lit areas!

via Framed Superhero Movie Poster Liquidation – Tanga.