Border Patrol: Marvel Legends Crossbones, Mystique, and Cyclops

Marvel Legends Crossbones 1 Marvel Legends Crossbones 2 Marvel Legends Crossbones 3

Marvel Legends Crossbones by fei long – I can really dig it when a customizer decides to make his own version of a character that’s already been made – this tops both of the Marvel Legends Crossbones that have come out, most recently in the SDCC exclusive Thunderbolts set – ends Oct 05, 2013 20:21:20 PDT

In AFP’s Border Patrol, we scour active eBay auctions for customized action figures that you won’t want to let slip by!

Customizers, don’t forget to check out the submission guidelines for CustomCon 36.

Marvel Legends Mystique 1 Marvel Legends Mystique 2 Marvel Legends Mystique 3

Marvel Legends Mystique by Rabid_E’s Customs – this was made before Hasbro’s latest Mystique, and was a step up from the Toy Biz classic version – I like how even though Wolverine is beaten, he still gets the upskirt action – I like this custom, but I’m still partial to my custom of Mystique, using newer parts – ends Oct 06, 2013 19:00:49 PDT

Marvel Legends Cyclops by Dustin Baetz – this custom is second hand from one of my favorite innovators – although Cyke is a little too built for my tastes (his nickname is Slim!) I love that he has two heads, with removable and interchangeable visor and ruby quartz glasses – that’s like four heads for one figure – ends Oct 04, 2013 19:05:03 PDT