New Details on Marvel Legends Captain America Line from Previews

SDCC 2013 - Marvel Legends - Captain America Legends Previews October 2013 - Captain America

This month’s edition of Previews has got some great new details on the upcoming Captain America waves of Marvel Legends. As we heard from the Hasbro Marvel team at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Legends is getting rebranded to the movie properties in 2014. And just as Cap was the “First Avenger,” his line of Legends will be the first rebranded, as “Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Infinity Legends” – yeah, that’s a mouthful.

And that’s not all. Previews reports a five figure assortment split over two waves, with a Build-a-Figure, starting in January. If this is the group we saw at SDCC, then it’s comic book versions of Baron Zemo and a Marvel Now Captain America (not shown above), plus movie versions of the Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and Captain America. That leaves the BAF still to be revealed. Price per figure is still creeping up, at $22.99.

Thanks to Mark Hernandez at the Marvel Toylines group for the Previews info.

13 thoughts on “New Details on Marvel Legends Captain America Line from Previews”

  1. I’m guessing the BAS is the AIM soldier they showed at SDCC. They did say the BAF would be an army builder.

  2. I’m with MagnetoFTW.  At 23 bucks, I’m only going to grab what I have to.  There’s no way I’ll be able to afford a full spread like I can at 15.  Oh well, back to the NECA shelf! 🙂

  3. I’ll probably pick up BW, Modern Cap, and WS, but that’s it.  At those prices, I don’t need the awful movie costume or Zemo.  An $8 hike is an awful big one.  Is there something more coming with them?  A ton of accessories or something?

  4. Hiro Nogano Probably just the BAF piece. :/ They’re probably going to go “What?! You mean you’re NOT overjoyed to pay $8 extra for these AMAZING sculpts?!?!” I really don’t Widow though. Her face and hair is just… weird.

  5. Hiro Nogano They’re going back to bigger(like Iron Monger sized) BAFs instead of mini-BAFs, that might have something to do with it.

  6. @wpnx0110 Nah, they said Jubilee is the last mini-BAF. AIM Soldier and a movie Red Skull are supposed to be single carded figures, so maybe it’s two waves of five each? I’m guessing the BAF is a Super-Adaptoid or some Hydra robot or something.

  7. MagnetoFTW 
     I ordered one of Glassman’s ScarJo head sculpts for this figure, so the head really doesn’t matter much to me.

  8. @Kevin Hiro Nogano  Maybe, but I don’t think the AIM soldier is going to be even Terrax sized.  I used to pay that much for Stargate figures, but those always came with cool accessories.  This is the wrong wave to do the price hike on.  Also, at that price point, I suspect Wal-Mart and Target may not even carry them.  Maybe that price point is because this is a TRU exclusive wave?  That’s about what they price their regular ML figs at.

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