ThreeA Toys TKLUB 4 Ronin Oya Sun Up for Pre-Order 11/17 at 9PM EST

TKLUB 4 Ronin Oya Sun 1

The first of four TKLUB figures needed to pick up a classic Tomorrow Queen goes up for pre-order tomorrow at 9PM EST at Bambaland. The Ronin Oya Sun figure is officially TKLUB #4. He includes a big accessory, the Sup Bomb, and is priced at $160 – since it’s a 3AA only release (TKLUB is exclusive to 3AA members), that’s actually $136, shipping included.

Some folks have brought up a good point – with the TKLUB being put up for pre-order roughly two months apart, we may not get a chance to order all four figures needed to qualify for the TQ before 3AA memberships come up for renewal. That would put folks who want the TQ but don’t want to re-up in a quandary. Expect some updates from 3A on this shortly.


TKLUB #4 Price and details:

As you know new chapter of TKLUB start on October 18th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time at with Ronin Oya Sun. We just finalized the price of Ronin Oya Sun and it’s 160USD.

Ronin Oya Sun is the first purchase towards 1/6th scale Classic random colorway Tomorrow Queen. In order to receive Classic TQ you will have to buy TKLUB #4, #5, #6, #7 releases and cover the shipping of the Classic TQ.

I been asked a lot, is there a possibility to receive multiple Classic TQ and the answer yes. In order to secure multiple Classic TQ, you need to make several purchases of each TKLUB #4, #5, #6, #7 releases and cover the shipping of Classic TQ. To illustrate it with the example, if you purchase three of each TKLUB #4, #5, #6, #7 releases, you will receive three Classic TQ (after covering the shipping).

TKLUB is for existing 3AA members only.

And answering on the popular question – how to become 3AA member? We offer 3AA membership once per year and usually it’s mid-January, follow our blog and official sources for more info, as it gets closer to January!

via 3aVOX – Timeline Photos.