ThreeA Toys Invincible Iron Man Planned for Pre-Order in Mid-February

ThreeA Toys Invincible Iron Man

It’s been almost a year since 3A Toys announced that they would be collaborating with Marvel on a line of re-imagined Marvel heroes and villains. Since then we’ve seen some teaser pics for Iron Man with an initial plan to put him up for pre-order in December last year – that obviously passed, likely due to the approval process with Marvel. Looks like the pre-order is right around the corner, in the first couple of weeks of February.

The Invincible Iron Man is in 1/6 scale. He’s fully articulated – normally exposed joints (like in the elbows and knees) are hidden by soft PVC. LEDs will light up his eyes and his ARC reactor. Available individually or in a four-pack, 3A has not yet shared any info on pricing. Hopefully the Marvel licensing fees don’t push the prices up too much.

Q: You are probably asked a lot…but what about Iron Man and when we might see it at Bamba?

A: Well first week of Feb is Bambastark week, or around then, but its REALLY CLOSE, there are four variants, Classic, Silver Centurian, Stark Industries Prototype and the Stealth! Prototype is 3AA only as a single, or available in the mega 4 pack display box edition.

via Q&A session with Ashley Wood — WO3A.

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