SDCC 2014: Four Horsemen Plan to Follow Gothitropolis Ravens with Mythic Legions Kickstarter

SDCC 2014 - Four Horsemen Studios

It’s been a long road traveled for the Four Horsemen’s highly successful Gothitropolis Ravens Kickstarter project, and the finish line is in sight. I talked to Cornboy at Preview Night, and although it was tough going, working with three separate factories to get through the pantographing to tooling to painted prototypes, but the 4H are very happy that the quality of the factory samples is meeting their exacting standards.

The Gothitropolis Ravens figures on site are hand-painted samples, but the factory-produced figures are measuring up. They are at the point in production where they are possibly looking at shipping the Kickstarter rewards at the end of 3rd quarter – but I’ll caution that there’s still the possibility of delay with any project. Still, keep your fingers crossed for a September delivery.

The project, despite its snafus, has been extremely positive for the Four Horsemen (and many of the action figure projects that followed them to Kickstarter) – so much so that they are in the works with a new Kickstarter campaign to possibly kick off this January. The line will have a fantasy-based knights, orcs, and skeletons theme, called Mythic Legions.

Look closely at the Mythic Legions prototypes and you may see the shared parts – but there’s enough variety in there to mix and match for some unique-looking figures. At this point, the thinking is a 4-inch line with a stretch goal to produce 6-inch scaled figures. They are mulling Glyos compatibility, which is more likely if they stick to 4-inches – but regardless they plan on having a system that you can interchange parts.

Backers of the Gothitropolis Ravens – will you support Mythic Legions should it make its way to Kickstarter?

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  1. I really like the idea of the Mythic Legions figures, it’s one of those toy lines I would have absolutely adored as a kid. However, I don’t really see myself supporting the kickstarter at this point.

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