Final Trio Announced for Masters of the Universe Classics Club 200X; Who Got Snubbed?

Masters of the Universe Classics Club 200X - Prahvus, Queen Grayskull, King Chooblah

The final three characters have been revealed for the Mattycollector Club 200X subscription, which Mattel announced at Toy Fair 2015 for the second half of this year. Prahvus, Queen Grayskull, and King Chooblah will be joining Callix, Evil Seed, Ceratus, and five disembodied 200X heads (the exclusive Eternian Heads accessory pack) to round out the six month sub.

The selection reminded me of one aspect I really liked about the 200X cartoon – the flashbacks to the times before He-Man really gave some good backstory and broadened the MOTU universe.

Queen Grayskull (aka Veena) may not have been heavily featured, but as the wife of King Grayskull and the first sorceress, she’s an important character from Preternia. Prahvus comes from more recent Eternian history, facing off against the present-day Sorceress when she was younger, and playing a central part in the origin of Stinkor. And King Chooblah is the Kulatak elder that joins King Randor’s present day Eternian Council.

General Sunder and King or Captain Miro

Like we saw when Club Filmation finished without giving She-Ra fans their General Sunder, another member of the military has gotten denied in Club 200X – Captain Miro, father of Randor and Skeletor née Keldor. While it could be argued that Sunder is a relatively minor character in Princess of Power, it’s a tougher sell for Miro in MOTU 200X. And Miro was upgraded back to King in the Classics bios. Do you think King Miro could make a surprise appearance in Club Eternia later this year?

Club 200X will be up for sale for a month starting Monday, February 23. Like Club Eternia, it will be available with both monthly and quarterly shipping options – the latter is intended to save you money on shipping, but since that option just started this year for Club Eternia, it’s not yet clear just how much will be saved.

Are you in for Club 200X? Who’s still missing from your most wanted Masters of the Universe?

2 thoughts on “Final Trio Announced for Masters of the Universe Classics Club 200X; Who Got Snubbed?”

  1. Though I am very thrilled for finally getting Ceratus and Evil Seed, I can’t say I’m so hyped about the other four figures. That it’s cool that they are getting made? of curse but the main reason why I’m not so pumped is by the very fact that I feel the line suffers greatly if the original cast is not made in 200X style. You see, I’m a hardcore 200X fan and I collected and loved those figures. For me they are the best incarnation of MOTU and just the look of the series was awesome. Mattel blew it with the toy line with all their mistakes and pushed the blame on us fans for lack of interest and instead gave us the MOTU Classics. Now classics is a cool series that apart from giving us lots of cool figures including some of never before seen characters, gave us 200X fans such awesome treats as Marzo, Carnivus, Lord Dactus and 200X King Hiss. This was all awesome but in the end, for die hard 200X fans like me, the line won’t really mix that good. When I finally get Ceratus, by comparison to his brother Whiplash, Ceratus has him beat in all acounts. For me, Club 200X would be awesome if it not only continues to give us cool figures but makes the other main characters as well! What is the use of the dumb head accessory pack? Didn’t Whiplash teach all of us that a 200X head on a regular body does not make an awesome figure? Whiplash’s 200X head is not even scaled correctly as it seems to have been made for a much bulkier Whiplash just like the 200X one.

  2. When you put the head on the figure he really looks like a big headed goofball and looks nothing like the awesome 200X figure. Now look at this accsessory pack, with the exception of maybe Clawful, do you know how ridiculous those heads are going to look on the figures? Just imagining that cool Buzz Off head on the regular ones body sends chivers down my spine. And talking about the figures, why not then, instead of giving us a guy like King Chooblah who I bet mostly nobody ever cared for, they don’t give us a 200X style Hordak or Teela? I’d take 200X Sorceress vs Veena any day!

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