Now or Never for Club 200X – Last Day to Subscribe

Masters of the Universe Classics Club 200X - Last Chance March 23

The fate of Mattycollector’s Club 200X will be decided today, as fans of Masters of the Universe Classics have their last opportunity to subscribe. As of last Friday, the sub had climbed to 81% of the total pre-orders needed to ensure all six figures will be made. While it’s possible that it hit 100% over the weekend, we’ve yet to hear from Mattel this morning. If it’s still below the threshold, we could have a long wait, even past closing time tonight, to learn the final outcome.

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Masters of the Universe Classics Club 200X at 76% and Counting…


Based on the latest update from Skeletor’s Love Child, subscribers have pushed the pre-orders for the 6-figure Club 200X subscription from 50% to 76% over the past week. With five days to go, what seemed insurmountable a week ago now seems achievable. Maybe I was too hasty asking if Club 200X was dead.

What do you think – will it make it? Have you subbed?

Mattel Reveals Prahvus for Club 200X Final Week – Will He Be Enough?

Masters of the Universe Classics Club 200X Prahvus reveal

With less than a week to go, Mattycollector revealed the final figure, Prahvus – the Evil Master of Doom – for its under-subscribed and at risk Club 200X. As of the last official update, the six figure plus one exclusive accessory pack subscription was at 50% of the needed pre-orders to guarantee that all the figures would be made. (We looked at what might happen if Club 200X doesn’t hit its target in our last Soapbox Sunday.)

Prahvus joins Callix, Evil Seed, King Chooblah (the Kulatak Elder), Ceratus, and Queen Grayskull as the six figures in Club 200X. The Heads of Eternia exclusive accessory pack includes MOTU 200X heads for Grizzlor, Buzz-Off, Sy-Klone, Roboto, Snout Spout, and Clawful. The subscription period ends Monday, March 23 – if you were still on the fence, is Prahvus enough to get you to sub?

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Soapbox Sunday: What’s Next for Club 200X?

What's Next for Club 200X?

Is it too soon to say that Club 200X, and by extension, Masters of the Universe Classics, is dead?

We asked last week if Club 200X has the power. According to Skeletor’s Love Child, it does not. In the latest report on the subscription, SLC stated that they had just hit the halfway mark to the minimums needed to make all six figures they announced for the line. With just over a week to go, it’s not looking good.

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Does Club 200X Have the Power?

Masters of the Universe Classics Club 200X 3-12

With a week and a half left before the Club 200X subscription closes, the crew at Mattycollector has left us a bit in the dark with respect to the subscription’s status. When the sub opened a few weeks back on February 23rd, Skeletor’s Love Child, the new Matty front man who replaced Toy Guru, banished the subscription meter, and promised updates instead.

Then on the 27th and March 4th, Matty published how the Club was doing – 27% and 39% respectively. Now, it’s been over a week since that last update. Is no news good news? Does this make you miss the meter?

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