Now or Never for Club 200X – Last Day to Subscribe

Masters of the Universe Classics Club 200X - Last Chance March 23

The fate of Mattycollector’s Club 200X will be decided today, as fans of Masters of the Universe Classics have their last opportunity to subscribe. As of last Friday, the sub had climbed to 81% of the total pre-orders needed to ensure all six figures will be made. While it’s possible that it hit 100% over the weekend, we’ve yet to hear from Mattel this morning. If it’s still below the threshold, we could have a long wait, even past closing time tonight, to learn the final outcome.

While I had not subscribed to any of the previous 6-month subs, I signed up for Club 200X earlier this morning – even though I don’t want all of the figures in it. In the past, I had been able to cherry-pick Club Filmation and Club Etheria during day of sales or, for a couple of figures, in the aftermarket. With MOTUC ostensibly ending this year, I suspect that Club 200X figures could be produced with no day of sales available. If Club 200X fails, then I think the figures that do get made will sell out very quickly.

The pre-order window closes at 11:59PM PST tonight. If you’re still on the fence, are you going to subscribe to Club 200X?