CC40: Marvel Legends True Believers’ SHIELD 3-Pack by GrownNerd

Shield 1a

That doofus known as GrownNerd may not know what’s up in general, but he’s a long time nerd so he’s down with what nerds want. And what do you want?

You want a classic cigar chomping gun toting jet pack accessory flying Nick Fury, not long coat wearing Ultimate Snakes on the M*****F***ing Plane Fury.

You want a middle aged Dum Dum Dugan that has a belly not unlike your own stout but firm abdomen, not that young Adonis shaped pretty boy from the Twin Packs.

You want a Russian sexpot Black Widow with assets gratuitously displayed, not that disappointingly PG rated movie Natasha with straps and zippers everywhere but all of them strapped and zipped.

So here is a SHIELD 3-pack, for nerds, by a nerd.

Entry by: GrownNerd


The nitty gritty nerd shop talk (or “recipes” as they’re colloquially known)

Nick Fury: ML Grim Reaper body; Mattel WWE arms; Toybiz ML Nick Fury head

Dum Dum Dugan: Some Mattel WWE Elite guy; Toybiz Shield Agent arms; ML Hyperion head

Black Widow: ML Misty Knight upper torso; Target exclusive ML Ms Marvel lower body with thinned down legs; ML Scarlet Witch head

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