Toy Fair 2016: Hasbro Marvel Legends Press Pics

Toy Fair 2016 Hasbro Marvel Legends Press Pics

We’ll kick off our Toy Fair coverage with the Marvel press pics shared by our pals at Hasbro. I’ll forgo the broader write-up for when I process my own pics from the Hasbro showroom, but let me give you the broad strokes:

  • Marvel Legends is doing better than ever…
  • … so much so that not only the 3.75-inch line has been rebranded Legends, but Hasbro is adding a 12-inch Legends line too.
  • 6-inch Legends will see more two more Cap waves, a Spider-Man wave, an X-Men (whodathunkit?) wave, and a Dr. Strange wave this year.

Now onto the pics!

Marvel Legends 6-inch

Captain America Wave 2 and 3

Spider-Man Wave 2


Dr. Strange

Marvel Legends 3.75-inch (formerly Marvel Universe)

Single-carded figures

Comic 2-Packs and Deluxe figures

Marvel Legends 12-inch (spiritual successor to Marvel Legends Icons)