NYCC 2016: Super7 May Relaunch Masters of the Universe Classics in December


Following Mattel’s abrupt San Diego Comic-Con announcement of the closure of MattyCollector at the end of this year, Super7 took over the Masters of the Universe license. They have been working closely with the Four Horsemen to plan for relaunching Masters of the Universe Classics. And while things are not set in stone, it’s possible they may ship their first MOTUC figures before Mattel ships their last.

On the slate for relaunch are “Ultimate Editions” of five classic figures: He-Man, Skeletor, Teela, Faker, and Ram Man. Could these be the “first five (sort of) new prototypes” that Cornboy mentioned sending to Super7 recently? For the first four mentioned, the re-issues will come with alternate heads and accessories that represent all of the major variants for those characters. Ram Man doesn’t have any variants in the line, but I’m guessing Super7 is re-issuing him because fans felt he was under-produced in Mattel’s run.

Here’s the accessories line-up:

  • He-Man – 3 heads (classics, vintage, and Oo-Larr), 3 Power Swords, axe, shield
  • Skeletor – 3 heads (classics, Alcala, and Keldor), 3 Power Swords, Havoc Staff
  • Teela – 4 heads (classics redhead, classics blonde, snake armor, and Battleground), 2 staves, snake armor headdress, shield
  • Faker – 3 heads (classics, vintage, and battle-damaged) 3 Power Swords, axe, shield
  • Ram Man – 2 heads (helmet and skull cap), axe

The price point has also not been set in stone – but Super7 did say it may be as low as $30 per figure. No word yet on how these might be distributed.

With many details still to be ironed out, a release in 2 months or so seems aggressive – but I imagine Super7 and the Four Horsemen have been working feverishly to get something launched by the start of the new year. What do you think of what they’ve revealed so far?

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