DesignerCon 2015 Exclusives for November 21 – 22


Designer Con 2015 is this weekend (Nov  21 -22) in Pasadena. The theme of this year’s Designer Con pop art fair is “Back to the 80s” and will feature an exhibition of the private Back to the Future art collection of founder Ben Goretsky.

As you would expect, there will be a slew of designer toy exclusives at DCON.

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Remote Control BB-8 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens Coming This September?


We’re still waiting for official confirmation of Black Series figures for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but in the meantime, if you were wondering about getting your own BB-8 robot, a remote control BB-8 toy (in silhouette) is kinda confirmed but shrouded in secrecy by Sphero with “This is the Droid you’re looking for” as the caption.

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Coming Soon from Funko – Ant-Man Pop! Vinyls

Funko is getting ready for the tiny hero’s big screen debut this summer… revealing their Ant-Man Pop! Vinyl figures. Scott Lang gets Pop!-ified and looks super cool in one very detailed Ant-Man suit designed by Hank Pym.

Also in the photo released from Funko, their Ant-Man “Secret Character” Pop! – Scott Lang’s nemesis, Yellowjacket! Both will be available in June (you can pre-order the Ant-Man Pop! vinyls at Entertainment Earth) so there’s something to look forward to if you can’t wait till the Ant-Man movie comes out July 19.

Weekend Toy Run: Inside Out Funko POP! Vinyl for 20% Off

Vinyl figures for the new Pixar movie are on sale in store and online at Hot Topic


Hot Topic is making the Funko POP! Inside Out vinyl figures even more enticing by offering 20% off online or buy one, get one 50 % off in stores. The discounts are valid for an unspecified LIMITED TIME only, so better check it out sooner than later. With six POP! characters to choose from, that’s an easy discount to get the whole set, but the catch is that right now they only have Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust.

They should be getting Bing Bong and Joy, but they are not sure when… next week maybe? But til then, 4 out of 6 ain’t bad.

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Watch the Sesame Street Aveggies: Age of Bon Bon Parody

Sesame Street Parody - Aveggies - Age of Bon Bon

The Aveggies: Age of Bon Bon is the latest Sesame Street Parody, having already spoofed Breaking Bad, Star Wars and Game of Thrones flawlessly. This one is equally hilarious essentially because it shows how questionable the powers of the Avengers err the Aveggies actually are. And Bon Bon/Ultron turning all vegetables to Cookies & Cream just goes to show you how being bad can be pretty sweet, pun intended.

Watch till the end, cuz a Hulked out Cookie Monster is worth the whole five minutes of this video, and maybe the 2 plus hours I endured seeing Avengers 2… well, maybe not.

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