threeA Toys WWRp mk2 Euro Bramble Pouches

WWRP MK2 Euro Bramble - Pouches (1200x901).jpg

Many thanks to those of you who let me know that 3A Toys was sending out pouches that were inadvertently left out of the WWRP MK2 Euro Brambles. I contacted the folks from whom I picked up the Merc and Euro Brambles and they were great about sending out the pouches that they just recently got.

WWRP MK2 Euro Bramble - Pouches 1 (900x1200).jpgWWRP MK2 Euro Bramble - Pouches 2 (1200x1200).jpgWWRP MK2 Euro Bramble - Pouches 3 (1200x1200).jpgWWRP MK2 Euro Bramble - Pouches 4 (900x1200).jpgWWRP MK2 Euro Bramble - Pouches 5 (899x1200).jpg

They come in a sealed plastic bag, and at first I thought the color scheme was a bit darker than the holsters that originally came with the Euro. But I was wrong – they match perfectly, and they also feel a little less gritty than the pouches that came with the Merc.

I hope to have some Berties to take pictures of soon. Stay tuned!

threeA Toys WWRp Bertie Adventure 7-Pack – Individual Reviews – BattleGrip

BattleGrip has started the individual reviews for each Bertie from the WWRP Bertie Adventure 7-Pack, including the exclusive bloody Dirty Deeds variant and Warbot, which we won’t see released at retail. I’ve probably missed some of the reviews in my quick look there today, but they’ve got so much robot goodness going on recently there’s a lot of great stuff to go through.

Check out the reviews here: Dirty DeedsMarineMedic, and Warbot.

threeA Toys WWRp mk2 Brambles – Euro and Merc

WWRP MK2 Brambles - Euro and Merc (1200x902).jpg
WWRP MK2 Brambles - Merc and Euro

A couple of months back, we posted a guest review from MatthewK of the World War Robot Portable Winter Bramble. Matt and some other friends had been telling me about this great line of vinyl toys from Ashley Wood, and I knew it was a matter of time before I’d cave in. Problem was, by the time that happened, the Brambles were only available on the secondary market, going for 3 times the original retail price or higher.

So when I was pointed to an online store where the going price was only double what I would have paid if I had only listened to reason back then, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and picked up two Brambles, the Euro and the Merc.

WWRP MK2 Brambles - Euro and Merc - card 1 (900x1200).jpgWWRP MK2 Brambles - Euro and Merc - card 2 (897x1200).jpgWWRP MK2 Brambles - Euro and Merc - card 3 (898x1200).jpgWWRP MK2 Brambles - Euro and Merc - card 6 (900x1200).jpgWWRP MK2 Brambles - Euro and Merc - card 4 (898x1200).jpgWWRP MK2 Brambles - Euro and Merc - card 5 (898x1200).jpg

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World War Robot Bertie 7-Pack – BattleGrip

BattleGrip has a great overview of the WWRP Bertie 7-pack – be sure to check it out for some amazing pictures. I’m really looking forward to their upcoming reviews of the individual Berties.

Review – World War Robot Bertie 7 Pack

Manufacturer: ThreeA Toys * Year: 2010

It is time! After snapping hundreds of photos, spending several hours playing with the Berties, and generally finding myself extremely happy with these robot toys, I’m ready to dive into the World War Robot Bertie 7 Pack (mentioned here) master review.

via BattleGrip » Review – World War Robot Bertie 7 Pack.

World War Robot Berties – BattleGrip

After a lot of torture (aka reading the Fwoosh forum thread about 3A Toys and World War Robot) I’ve jumped in with a WWRP pre-order. And since there’s really no telling when those will actually ship, I’ve submitted to more torture (aka looking at pictures of other people’s 3A collections).

Here’s a fun quick look at the big brother 1/6 scale WWR line. I’m looking forward to BattleGrip’s big review of the Berties 7-pack.

World War Robot Berties Hit the Outdoors

It’s such a beautiful day here that Gina and I took the dogs for a walk to the park . . . and I immediately turned us around so that I could grab robots and the camera. I love when the water’s high around the park because it lets me take some fun shots of toys in nature.

I’m getting closer to launching the series of World War Robot* Bertie reviews. Many photos have been shot, the review headers for the master entry and all seven Berties are complete, and once I get all of the Squares set I’ll begin writing. It looks like this will be a series of nine reviews . . . there are a lot of robots in this box.

via BattleGrip » World War Robot Berties Hit the Outdoors.