CC33: Marvel Legends Dark X-Men by Ibentmyman-thing

Are they good, or are they bad? Find out for yourself with this one of a kind seven figure box set. Complete your Dark X-men team with Namor, Emma Frost, Daken w/alternate unmasked head, Mimic w/alternate head and alternate arm, Dark Beast, Weapon Omega and Mystique w/alternate head.

This set will never be available in stores and would make a great stocking stuffer for fans of all ages.

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CC33: DC Universe Catman Classics by Irobo’dmyron-thing

The line of action figure most wanted by the least amount of vocal collectors on the internet. Just the name brings about thoughts of Thomas Blake frolicking across frozen tundra, leaping over classic rooftops, stalking in the dark of night, and fighting alongside his fellow Sixers against impossible odds.

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