DC Collectibles Almost Made Figures for DC Universe Online – Would You Buy Them?

In a poll from the “DC Collectibles Vault” this week, DC Collectibles revealed several products that were designed and sculpted, but never made it to shelves. Among them was a series of action figures from DC Universe Online, the MMORPG for PC and PS4, made by Sony Online Entertainment in collaboration with some of the top creative talent at DC. I played the game for a few years from its launch back in 2011, and was always impressed with its visuals. Unlike many games that create their own aesthetics for the DC characters, DCUO was extremely faithful to the mainstream comic book appearances of its heroes and villains. As such, I thought it was a decent marketing opportunity for a¬†video game¬†action figure line that I’d like to buy – but both DC Collectibles and Mattel opted for Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Also left on the sculpting room floor, so to speak, were a series of New 52 action figures in the 3.75-inch scale and a set of Rainbow Batman repaints (presumably in the standard 6 to 7-inch DCC scale). I think it’s too bad their 3.75-inch figures didn’t get more of a foothold – despite some initial quality issues I found their smaller figures better sculpted and articulated than what Mattel currently has on retail shelves. And Rainbow Batman? Despite the nostalgia factor, I’d pass.

Voting in the poll (which also includes some shelved statues and busts) will give DC Collectibles a measure of popularity, but won’t guarantee that any get made. Still, if there’s enough interest, you never know!

DC Previews – DC Direct – On Sale in July through November

DC Direct has sent out their solicitations for March. Most of the items are scheduled to be available in stores in November. The most notable exception are the Flashpoint action figures, due in July – perhaps these were not solicited earlier to keep story plot points under wraps. I’m just glad to see more figures coming from DC Direct – the last two months of solicitations didn’t include any, and that led to some speculation, with the recent DC reorganization and consolidation to Los Angeles.

Read on for product descriptions.

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