Mattel to Sell Masters of the Universe Classics She-Ra and Justice League Unlimited Lobo

In case you missed this with the long weekend, Mattel announced it would be selling two recent offerings, the Masters of the Universe Classics She-Ra and the Justice League Unlimited Lobo at San Diego Comic-Con.

And if you need reminding, here’s the rundown of Mattel exclusives at SDCC.

SDCC Update

Hey toy fans!

With SDCC only just over 2 weeks away I wanted to give you a quick update.

First off we will have a full schedule of events, panels, signings, and raffles posted as soon as we lock everything down. SDCC 2010 will feature more brands than ever before participating in the Mattel booth. As always, you can expect a huge showing from all of my favorite collector brands such as DCU, JLU, WWE, MOTUC, Ghostbusters and more!

In addition to our exclusives, we’ll also be selling some other collector product in limited quantities. As announced on my forums, we do have some Lobo figures (for you JLU fans!) and She-Ra figures (for her 25th anniversary!). Both are the same run that sold on in June, we just saved a few for SDCC.

A full list will be posted soon. Stay tuned soon for more…and hope to see you all in San Diego!


via Facebook | SDCC Update.


Greetings I have a box skeletor in mexico, vintage full you interested in? address to send you some pictures? Thank you [email protected]


As if anyone will even be able to buy anything from the Matty Booth at Comic-Con...


hey, some good news re: pre-sale vouchers for SDCC - I hope this improves the line situation somewhat. She-Ra and Lobo aren't on the list of products available for what is essentially a pre-order.