AFP’s Ask Matty Round-Up for 6/1/9

Here’s the latest round of Q&A with Mattel. Thanks again to Toy Guru!

1. With the upcoming DC Universe Classics 2-pack of Alexander Luthor and Ultraman, Mattel is showing that they can go pretty deep in terms of character selection. What are some of the DC team’s favorite characters that you think may never be able to make it into the line for whatever reason? Hopefully Jonah Hex isn’t on that list!


We are hoping to get to both obscure and A-list characters in time. If there is fan demand, the sky’s the limit.

2. What’s the status of The Dark Knight Movie Masters figures like Bank Robber Joker and Two Face? If those don’t make it to retail, can they be released on Do you have more pictures of those figures that you could share with us?

Movie Masters Two-Face 2-Up
Movie Masters Two-Face 2-Up




We are hoping to have news on these at SDCC.

3. You’ve talked about producing a Battle Cat figure for Masters of the Universe Classics. Many collectors would also be excited about getting Cringer. Would it be possible to make the armor pieces removable? Since Battle Cat has a helmet, you might not even have to create multiple sculpts for his head, since the “scaredy cat” features would be covered. Is this something you can get done, or are there other differences that would require Cringer to be a completely separate figure?

Battle Cat’s armor will be removable but he will look like Battle Cat under the armor, not Cringer. Cringer (if done correctly) would be a new figure.

4. Any update on securing Bill Murray’s approval on his head sculpt for Ghostbusters? In the event that Mattel can’t secure his likeness rights for the line, what would that mean for a Peter Venkman figure and the line overall?

We are working hard to secure the likeness for all four major Ghostbuster figures/characters.

5. People are wondering about what’s happening with JLU, given some of the delays in the retail channel. One thing that gives some hope is the success of the MOTUC line as an online-only product. Is JLU at a foregone conclusion if retail distribution ends, or would Mattel need to reevaluate the demand? If it does move to online-only, how would that influence the character selection?

As long as fans continue to support the line we will do our best to get new figures out there, both through retail and online offerings.

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