San Diego Comic-Con Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Pics (more of them!)

Mattel held its “Mattypalooza” panel today, in which they recapped the offerings, including DC (which was a recap from the earlier DC Universe panel), Ghostbusters, and Masters of the Universe Classics.  I’ll be covering the latter in this update.

MOTU Classics is performing better than Mattel expected, so the line is expanding.  Beyond the standard monthly figures, we’ll be getting much more.  On selected months, there will be bonus figures consisting of reissues, repaints, oversized figures, and even army builder 2-packs.  Also, Mattel will make an accessory pack, once per season.

Masters of the Universe Club Eternia Exclusive Won-Dar
Masters of the Universe Club Eternia Exclusive Won-Dar

The subscription, now called “Club Eternia,” is coming back for the full year of 2010, with some minor changes.  Because interest was low, they’ll no longer have the “hold for combined shipping” option.  Also, there will be a $20 subscription fee – and they’ll provide an exclusive figure, Won-Dar (a remake of the extremely rare vintage Wonderbread He-Man), and posters of an Eternia map and a character roster.

Club Eternia is available to order on  Subscriptions will close in about 3 weeks.

MOTU Classics - Battle Cat (1024x765).jpgMOTU Classics - Battle Cat 2 (1024x768).jpgMOTU Classics - Teela (769x1024).jpgMOTU Classics - Teela 2 (1024x768).jpgMOTU Classics - Webstor (1024x768).jpgMOTU Classics - Battle Stands (1024x768).jpgMOTUC - Battle Cat 3 (1024x769).jpgMOTUC - Teela and Webstor booty (1024x766).jpgMOTUC - Webstor packaged (757x1024).jpgMOTUC - Mossman 2 (765x1024).jpgMOTUC - Wun-Dar 2 (767x1024).jpgMOTUC - Adora 2 (768x1024).jpgMOTUC - King Randor 2 (768x1024).jpgMOTUC - Zodak 2 (768x1024).jpgMOTUC - Wun-Dar (768x1024).jpgMOTUC - Mossman (764x1024).jpgMOTUC - Trapjaw (767x1024).jpgMOTUC - Trapjaw (Kronis) 2 (768x1024).jpgMOTUC - Trapjaw (Kronis) (766x1024).jpgMOTUC - Battle Armor He-Man (765x1024).jpgMOTUC - Adora (764x1024).jpgMOTUC - Green Goddess (763x1024).jpgMOTUC - King Randor (766x1024).jpgMOTUC - Scareglo (768x1024).jpgMOTUC - Zodak (736x1024).jpgMOTUC - new group 2 (1024x768).jpgMOTUC - new group (1024x768).jpg

Here’s the figure line-up they announced:

  • September – Webstor
  • October – Teela with swappable heads,  snake armor and a secret accessory
  • October (bonus) – Zodak, remaking the 200x design in classics style – we were told that this is a separate character from Zodac, and that the cardback will explain it further
  • November – Scareglow, featureing  glow in the dark bones and a Grayskull accessory
  • December – “Burger” King Randor
  • December (bonus) – Green Goddess, with separate armor pieces for Eternian warriors
  • January – Adora, the first Princess of Power figure and the first figure to ship with the Club Eternia subscription
  • January (bonus) – Battle Armor He-Man with 3 interchangeable chest armor pieces featuring different degrees of battle damage – this was one of my favorite figures as a kid (maybe second only to Jitsu!)
  • February – Trapjaw, with 3 arm attachments and an additional head and arm that allows you to turn him into Kronis, who he was before he became Trapjaw
  • February (large scale) – Battle Cat, featuring removable armor, a saddle holster that can hold He-Man’s sword – as an oversized figure, Battle Cat will cost $30
  • March – Moss Man, who is flocked like the vintage toy, and come with 2 heads, one new and one flocked Beastman head
  • Release date unknown – Club Eternia Wun-Dar, with a loaf of bread as an accessory – a nod to the vintage Wonderbread figure

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  1. the vinyl figures behind the new MOTUC figures were not mentioned in the Mattypalooza panel, so I am guessing that they are just custom vinyls. I don’t recognize the template, though, so I’ll see if we can get that question answered.

  2. Those are Mattel’s new Attitubes (presumably because of the tube/cylinder design), but I believe the sign said they were prototypes so they may not end up being the final design. I haven’t heard much else about them, but the three MOTUC and two generic (well, they may be characters, but the design weren’t something I recognized) figures looked pretty nice.

  3. Quando é que os bonecos, She-ra,Príncipe Adam e Malíguina ( Evil lim ), vai ser lançados?
    Em vez da Adora, porque não o lansamento da She-ra primeiro?

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