San Diego Comic-Con Mattel DC Universe Classics and Superman / Batman: Public Enemies Pics

Mattel held their DC Universe Toys panel today, and aside from a few gripes about distribution woes, it was a veritable lovefest.  Of course, they took questions and answers *after* showing the crowd a bunch of new figures.  In this update I’ll cover the 6-inch scale, including DC Universe Classics and Superman / Batman: Public Enemies.

DC Universe Classics

Wave 10 – Batman (Morrison), Beast Boy, Forager, Joker, Man-Bat (brown), Power Girl, Robotman, and Imperiex Collect & Connect

Mattel had teased the Joker at New York Comic-Con and revealed Power Girl on, and some groaned as they learned this wave will be exclusive to Wal-Mart.  Mattel assures us that these will be easier to find, as Wal-Mart has increased their order size.

DCUC10 - Batman and Man-Bat (767x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Batman and Man-Bat 2 (768x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Beast Boy (773x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Forager (769x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Imperiex (C&C) (769x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Joker (771x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Joker 2 (766x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Joker 2-up (768x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Joker closeup (771x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Power Girl (768x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Power Girl 2-up (769x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Power Girl closeup (767x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Robot Man (770x1024).jpg

Beast Boy’s accessory is a reuse of the eagle from the Wonder Twins 2-pack.  Batman is based on Grant Morrison’s run on Justice League of America.  Forager is from the New Gods, and adds another essential piece to my nearly complete Cosmic Odyssey collection (WHOOOO!).  Man-Bat is a repaint of the white Comic-Con exclusive a couple years back.  Robotman starts the Doom Patrol.  And, honestly, I don’t know anything about Imperiex.

Wave 11 – Cyborg Superman, Deadman, John Stewart, Katma Tui, The Question, Shark, Steppenwolf, and Kilowog Collect & Connect

We have seen the Question a while back in Toy Fare – he was the winner of the fan vote from last Comic-Con.

DCUC11 - Cyborg Superman (Sinestro Corps) (742x1024).jpgDCUC11 - Cyborg Superman closeup (754x1024).jpgDCUC11 - Deadman (744x1024).jpgDCUC11 - John Stewart (768x1024).jpgDCUC11 - Katma Tui (768x1024).jpgDCUC11 - Katma Tui 2 (768x1024).jpgDCUC11 - Katma Tui, Shark, John Stewart, Steppenwolf (Super Powers), Steppenwolf, The Question, Cyborg Superman, Deadman.jpgDCUC11 - Kilowog C&C (754x1024).jpgDCUC11 - Kilowog C&C 2 (766x1024).jpgDCUC11 - Kilowog C&C 3 (765x1024).jpgDCUC11 - Shark (771x1024).jpgDCUC11 - Steppenwolf (771x1024).jpgDCUC11 - Steppenwolf (Super Powers) (768x1024).jpgDCUC11 - The Question (764x1024).jpg

Green Lantern is the main theme of this wave.  Instead of Lanterns, John Stewart (whoooo! Cosmic Odyssey!!) and Katma Tui will come with constructs.  Shark and Cyborg Superman, in his Sinestro Corps uniform and a bunch of Yellow Lantern rings, make up the GL villains.   Kilowog is absolutely massive.

Deadman introduces a new slim body buck.  Finally, Steppenwolf is another New God, and will ship 50/50 with his Super Powers variant.

Two Packs – Animal Instinct and Sinestro Corps

The two packs continue on, one per quarter.

Animal Instinct - Animal Man (771x1024).jpgAnimal Instinct - Animal Man 2 (769x1024).jpgAnimal Instinct - B'Wana Beast and Animal Man (1024x767).jpgAnimal Instinct - B'wana Beast (769x1024).jpgAnimal Instinct - B'wana Beast 2 (765x1024).jpgSinestro Corps - Karu-Sil 2 (769x1024).jpgSinestro Corps - Karu-sil (769x1024).jpgSinestro Corps - Romat Ru (769x1024).jpgSinestro Corps - Romat Ru 2 (766x1024).jpgSinestro Corps - Romat Ru and Karu-Sil (1024x769).jpg

Animal Instinct features Animal Man and B’wana Beast.  B’wana Beast?  The JLU tie-in strikes again.

Sinestro Corps features Romat Ru and Karu-Sil, and will tie in nicely with Wave 11.

Gotham City 5 – Batman, Catwoman, Lex Luthor, Superman, and Two Face

Gotham City 5 - Batman (766x1024).jpgGotham City 5 - Catwoman (770x1024).jpgGotham City 5 - Lex Luthor (763x1024).jpgGotham City 5 - Lex Luthor 2 (769x1024).jpgGotham City 5 - Lex Luthor closeup (768x1024).jpgGotham City 5 - Superman (767x1024).jpgGotham City 5 - Superman, Two-Face Lex Luthor, Catwoman, Batman (1024x772).jpgGotham City 5 - Two Face (769x1024).jpgGotham City 5 - package (1024x768).jpg

I’m not quite sure this is the best named set, given that two of the five figures are from Metropolis.  Four of the five are repaints.  Batman is a black and gray repaint of the Wave 1 Bats, minus the mud splatters that he had in the Fists of Clay 2-pack.  Superman is from the Supes / Braniac 2-pack, but with normal instead of heat vision eyes.  Both are highly desired in the collector community.

Two Face and Catwoman are repaints of the Bats villains from the DC Super Heroes line.  And Luthor, wow – he is in his classic purple and green jumpsuit, and will be a great addition to a Legion of Doom display.  The headsculpt is new, and looks great.

Superman / Batman: Public Enemies

This will be a Target-exclusive line.  The line will include Batman, Black Lightning, Icicle, Major Force, Silver Banshee, Superman, and Brimstone as the Collect & Connect.

Superman Batman Public Enemies - Batman (767x1024).jpgSuperman Batman Public Enemies - Batman, Major Force, Icicle, Brimstone C&C, Black Lightning, Superman, Silver Banshee (1024Superman Batman Public Enemies - Black lightning (766x1024).jpgSuperman Batman Public Enemies - Brimstone C&C (766x1024).jpgSuperman Batman Public Enemies - Icicle (765x1024).jpgSuperman Batman Public Enemies - Major Force (769x1024).jpgSuperman Batman Public Enemies - Silver Banshee (765x1024).jpgSuperman Batman Public Enemies - Superman (761x1024).jpgSuperman Batman Public Enemies - Superman 2 (765x1024).jpgSuperman Batman Public Enemies - backs (1024x768).jpg

With the animated feature coming this fall, there was a lot of speculation on whether Mattel would produce a figure line.  These figures look like they use the standard DCUC bucks by the Four Horsemen, with headsculpts stylized to match the animated feature, with a heavy Ed McGuinness influence.

There will also be 3.75-inch figures, in a 3-pack and 6-pack.

11 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con Mattel DC Universe Classics and Superman / Batman: Public Enemies Pics”

  1. people in the Mattel booth say they put him there for fun – at present he’s not a figure slated to come out in any lineup. that said, they did ask at the panel who would want that Batman (who has been featured in a few comic panels and also on the Brave and the Bold animated show) and a surprising amount of people said they would want him.

    personally, I wouldn’t want to get a Zebra Batman.

  2. the 3 and 6-packs are both in 3.75-inch scale. they feature updated articulation from DC Infinite Heroes (ball-jointed hips, elbows, and knees) on Superman, Batman, and one other (can’t recall off the top of my head), but look like they are compatible with DCIH. their heads don’t look to be styled like McGuinness, like the 6-inch figures’ heads are.

  3. Ron,

    Just saw the new line-ups yesterday and scanned this site for additional info on Wave 10. Surprisingly, they GOTHAM CITY 5 PACK and the BATMAN/SUPERMAN: PUBLIC ENEMIES I had not caught wind of yet. Can you tell me – these two sets are 6 in style (I hope)? They look to be so.
    Also, do you know the time frame for their approximate release (FALL usually is the mark on the wall)? And is would it be the same for WAVE 10?



  4. I would buy a Zebra Batman if one was made and got very excited to see one (even if it WAS a custom) in the Mattel case. I truly hope Mattel considers making one in one of their upcoming lines since it got a positive reaction from other fans!

    Just out of curiosity, Ron. Why wouldn’t you want/want to get a Zebra Batman?

  5. I’m a big fan of Bats – when I was a kid, my uncle had a huge pile of old DC comics that I would gobble up, so Batman is one of the big reasons I’m into this crazy hobby now. even so, I’d prefer to get either more iconic variants of Bats or a different character altogether rather than a Bats costume that appeared as a one-off.

    I don’t begrudge people their picks, though. this line is going to go for a long time, and I’m sure we’ll be getting a lot of Bat-variants – lots of people are going to get their favorites.

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