DC Universe Classics Wave 12 Desaad and Mary Batson Available at Big Bad Toy Store

Big Bad Toy Store received a partial shipment of their DC Universe Classics Wave 12 order.  They got Copperhead (now sold out but still available for pre-order for the next shipment), Desaad, and both the red and white variants of Mary Batson (nee Marvel).  They’re all $16.99 aside from the white variant of Mary at $19.99.

I love this line, but you ever have the feeling like it’s arriving too fast?  I have still to open my set of Wave 11 – thanks Enchanted Toy Chest!  If you’re still looking for 11, ETC has sets of six figures for $88.99 and eight figures  for $116.99 available.  You can build Kilowog with either – the only difference is whether you want the Steppenwolves or not.

Happy hunting!