DC Universe Classics Wave 11 Part 2

Here it is, the long awaited wrap up of my DC Universe Classics Wave 11 Round Up! So let’s get to it!

The Question

Vic Sage AKA The Question was one my most wanteds from this Wave and Mattel & the Horsemen did him up right! He’s loaded with sculpted details such as cloth wrinkles, stitching, buttons, pockets, coat belt, suit coat under his trench coat to name a few, that add so much character and quality to the figure.

DCUC 11 The Question.jpg DCUC 11 The Question 005.jpg DCUC 11 The Question 006.jpg DCUC 11 The Question 009.jpg DCUC 11 The Question 011.jpg DCUC 11 The Question 014.jpg DCUC 11 The Question 015.jpg

You can just envision this guy standing on some dark city street, dimly illuminated by a streetlight, ready to ferret out corruption and vice.

But I should prove that I’m not a total DCUC sycophant (even though I am) by pointing out some minor shortcomings of this figure. First is the black hair. In the DC series; the Question’s hair is blonde. The coat does hinder his articulation a bit but it looks so good it really doesn’t bother me. Head movement is restricted to right and left. Last, but the most important to me; the Question’s hands are great if you want to pose him holding up a piece of damning evidence but he really needs fists. Or at least one. Luckily I had a Spirit movie figure that donated his mitts with an easy heat n’ pop swap. With the addition of fists all the other nits don’t really add up to much for me.

DCUC 11 The Question 020.jpg DCUC 11 The Question 021.jpg DCUC 11 The Question 022.jpg DCUC 11 The Question - Fist Swap 003.jpg DCUC 11 The Question - Fist Swap 004.jpg

The Bottom Line: If you’re a big fan (like I am) of  the mid to late 80’s The Question series from DC Comics, then you’re gonna be very happy with this figure.

Green Lantern John Stewart

Big, bad John Stewart; Hal Jordan’s back-up, hard nosed, drill sergeant type of JL/JLU on Cartoon Network and major screw-up of the Cosmic Odyssey saga. However you’re best familiar with Mr. Stewart one thing’s for sure, he looks good in plastic. He may not be one of the fanciest of Wave 11 but he makes up for it in attitude. John has one of the best face sculpts of DCUC. If that expression was a wallet, you know what would be written on it… or you would, if you’ve seen Pulp Fiction. Not a lot to talk about on old GL Stewart here, just a great representation of the character.

DCUC 11 John Stewart 004.jpg DCUC 11 John Stewart 006.jpg DCUC 11 John Stewart 007.jpg DCUC 11 John Stewart 008.jpg DCUC 11 John Stewart 009.jpg DCUC 11 John Stewart 010.jpg

Constructs, again!

DCUC 11 John Stewart 026.jpg DCUC 11 John Stewart 027.jpg DCUC 11 John Stewart 014.jpg DCUC 11 John Stewart 015.jpg DCUC 11 John Stewart 016.jpg

Like Katma Tui, John comes with a pair of very cool constructs; a fist for pummeling and a long range assault weapon for situations that require lethal force. Makes you wonder what constructs Guy and Kyle will come with.

DCUC 11 John Stewart 017.jpg DCUC 11 John Stewart 020.jpg DCUC 11 John Stewart 024.jpg DCUC 11 John Stewart 022.jpg DCUC 11 John Stewart 025.jpg

The Bottom Line: He’s bad. He’s so bad he’s Superfly, Shaft and Truck Turner all rolled up in a big ball o’ bad.

Steppenwolf – Super Powers Version

Okay, I never collected any Super Powers figures. In fact, until I started collecting DC Universe Classics, I was blissfully unaware of them. So when I saw the prototype pics of this version of Steppenwolf, I was… amused. I had old SP Steppenwolf marked for trade fodder from the get go. But those tricky sneaks at Mattel did it to me again in this Wave and I am compelled to admit that he’s a damn cool figure. The Horsemen pulled out all the stops and loaded him with details… andspikes! Look at all these spikes! He’s even got spike-toed boots! What does he need an axe for? All he has to do is bump into his enemies to mortally wound them!

DCUC 11 Steppenwolf SP 006.jpg DCUC 11 Steppenwolf SP 009.jpg DCUC 11 Steppenwolf SP 010.jpg DCUC 11 Steppenwolf SP 016.jpg DCUC 11 Steppenwolf SP 014.jpg DCUC 11 Steppenwolf SP 015.jpg DCUC 11 Steppenwolf SP 012.jpg DCUC 11 Steppenwolf SP 013.jpg

In addition to all this glorious spikey detail, Steppy here comes armed with his Electro Axe! I’m not sure what the point of an electro axe is. I guess it delivers a shock while slicing through flesh, muscle and bone, perhaps cauterising the wound to keep blood from splattering all over SP Steppenwolf? Maybe it’s to add insult to injury, giving the victim just a quick zap as they watch their severed appendage fly through the air? Whatever the reason, it sure does take a big battery pack to power it!

DCUC 11 Steppenwolf SP 007.jpg DCUC 11 Steppenwolf SP 008.jpg DCUC 11 Steppenwolf SP 017.jpg DCUC 11 Steppenwolf SP 018.jpg

The Bottom Line: If you’re a Super Powers fan, you’re probably already in love with this figure, so move on down the line. If you’re like I was and think that SP Steppenwolf here looks like Ming the Merciless on his way to some bizarre power tool/S&M party, give him a 2nd look. He really is a cool action figure with a ton of great details.

Steppenwolf – Fourth World Version

Now this is Steppenwolf! Darkseid’s Uncle who loves hunting the inhabitants of New Genesis like Elmer Fudd loves hunting wabbits. My number 1 fave/must have of Wave 11 and he is perfect. Beautifully and accurately detailed, he looks like he just stepped out of the pages of New Gods. Like Forager in Wave 10, soft rubber parts were used to recreate most of the details on Steppenwolf and they cause very little hindrance to his articulation. The cape is made of a softer rubber than capes from earlier waves, not as soft or thin as some DC Direct capes, but light enough that it doesn’t pull the figure backwards.

DCUC 11 Steppenwolf 009.jpg DCUC 11 Steppenwolf 010.jpg DCUC 11 Steppenwolf 011.jpg DCUC 11 Steppenwolf 012.jpg DCUC 11 Steppenwolf 013.jpg DCUC 11 Steppenwolf 014.jpg

Steppenwolf comes with his drinking horn, cable snare and sword which, upon review of my New Gods Omnibus Vol 4, I find is referred to as his Electro Axe. This one must run on batteries.

DCUC 11 Steppenwolf 020.jpg DCUC 11 Steppenwolf 004.jpg DCUC 11 Steppenwolf 003.jpgDCUC 11 Steppenwolf 007.jpg DCUC 11 Steppenwolf 019.jpg

The Bottom Line: One of the best DCUC figures produced yet.


The C&C figures just keep getting better and better. Kilowog flat out rocks! Really not much more I can add to that so I’ll let the pics do the talking.

DCUC 11 Kilowog 001.jpg DCUC 11 Kilowog 002.jpg DCUC 11 Kilowog 003.jpg DCUC 11 Kilowog 004.jpg DCUC 11 Kilowog 007.jpg DCUC 11 Kilowog 011.jpg DCUC 11 Kilowog 012.jpg DCUC 11 Kilowog 015.jpg DCUC 11 Kilowog 017.jpg

Money Shot

DC Universe Classics Wave 11 is still available at Big Bad Toy Store, Enchanted Toy Chest and showing up in more and more Wal-Marts!


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